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A collection of challenge based hack-a-thons including student guide, proctor guide, lecture presentations, sample/instructional code and templates.
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What, Why and How

  • "What the Hack" is a challenge based hackathon format
  • Challenges describe high-level tasks and goals to be accomplished
  • Challenges are not step-by-step labs
  • Attendees work in teams of 3 to 5 people to solve the challenges
  • Attendees "learn from" and "share with" each other
  • By having to "figure it out", attendee knowledge retention is greater
  • Proctors provide guidance, but not answers to the teams
  • Emcees provide lectures & demos to setup challenges & review solutions
  • What the Hack can be hosted in-person or virtually via MS Teams

How to Add Your Hack

We welcome all new hacks! The process for doing this is:

  • Fork this repo into your own github account
  • Create a new branch for your work
  • Add a new top level folder using the next number in sequence, eg:
    • 011-BigNewHack
  • Within this folder, create two folders, each with two folders with in that looks like this:
    • Host
      • Guides
      • Solutions
    • Student
      • Guides
      • Resources
  • The content of each folder should be:
    • Student/Guides: The Student's Guide
    • Student/Resources: Any template or "starter" files that students may need in challenges
    • Host/Guides: The Proctor's Guide lives here as well as any Lecture slide decks
    • Host/Solutions: Specific files that the proctors might need that have solutions in them.
  • Once your branch and repo have all your content and it formatted correctly, follow the instructions on this page to submit a pull request back to the main repository:


This repository is licensed under MIT license. More info can be found here.


We welcome contributions and suggestions. More info can be found here.

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