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What The Hack - Repo

Welcome to the What The Hack repo on GitHub. This repo contains Coach content designed for people planning to host a What The Hack event with students in an organization.

If you are an organization that is interested in attending or hosting a What The Hack event, please visit the What The Hack website at:

If you are a student attending a What The Hack event, please go to the What The Hack website.

What The Hack Website

What is What The Hack?

"What the Hack" is a set of challenge based hackathons that can be hosted in-person or virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Attendees work in squads of 3 to 5 people to solve a series of technical challenges for a given technology or solution scenario. Challenges describe high-level tasks and goals to be accomplished. Challenges are not step-by-step labs.

What The Hack is designed to be a collaborative learning experience. Attendees "learn from" and "share with" each other. Without step-by-step instructions given for the challenges, attendees have to "figure it out" together as a team. This results in greater knowledge retention for the attendees.

The attendee squads are not alone in solving the challenges. Coaches work with each squad to provide guidance for, but not answers to, the challenges. The coaches may also provide lectures and demos to introduce the challenges, as well as review challenge solutions throughout the event.

How to Host a What The Hack

Would you like to host a What The Hack for your organization? The WTH format and content has been designed for hosting a hack with groups of 5 to 50 people. We welcome anyone to use the content here to host their own WTH event!

See our complete guide on "How To Host A Hack".

How to Contribute to What The Hack

What The Hack is community driven. Here are our core principles:

  • Anyone can contribute a new hack.
  • Anyone can use the content to host their own WTH event.
  • Anyone can modify or update a hack as needed.
    • Contributing updates back via a pull request is encouraged.
  • The content can always be shared with hack attendees (Only do this after the event is over!)

Would you like to contribute to What The Hack? We welcome new hacks and updates to existing hacks! We have developed a process for doing this.

See our What The Hack Contribution Guide to learn about the contribution and review process.

How to Author a What The Hack

What makes a good hack? We have a guide that helps answer that question!

Hacks can focus on a single technology or focus on a solution scenario that features multiple technologies working together to solve a business problem.

Read our What The Hack Author's Guide for details on how to author a hack. The author's guide contains a set of markdown template files that help you quickly create new hack content that is consistent with the WTH format.

The What The Hack Collection

Here is the current list of What The Hack hackathons available in this repository:


Application Development


Data & AI

Microsoft Teams Platform

Smart Edge & Devices


SAP on Azure

Power Platform


These hacks have been archived due to obsolescence or dependencies on sample code or data that is no longer available. If you are interested in updating these hacks, contributions are welcome! Please consider contributing to keep What The Hack up to date.


This repository is licensed under MIT license. More info can be found here.


A collection of challenge based hack-a-thons including student guide, coach guide, lecture presentations, sample/instructional code and templates. Please visit the What The Hack website at:



Code of conduct

Security policy





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