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Please refer to the official Xbox Live Tools documentation site for further information.

The Microsoft Xbox Live Tooling API provides a way to:

  • Reset a player's data in test sandboxes. Data includes achievements, leaderboards, stats and title history.
  • Manage a title's global storage in test sandboxes.
  • Manage a title's Xbox Live configuration.

To get access to Xbox Live services you must be a managed developer, enrolled in the ID@Xbox program or participating in the Xbox Live Creators Program. To learn more about these programs, please refer to the developer program overview.

Repo Structure

Command Line Executable Usage:


This executable is used to signin/out dev accounts and to save the credentials to be used across other Xbox Live executables that require dev credentials.


signin: This command will pop up UI if needed. The last used account information will be saved for further use across all other executables.

XblDevAccount.exe signin --name xxx 

Success output example:

Developer account {Name} has successfully signed in. 
    ID: {id}
    AccountID: {accountId}
    AccountType: {accountType}
    AccountMoniker: {accountMoniker}
    AccountSource: {accountSource}

signout: This command will delete the last signed in account information, and clear up cached tokens.

XblDevAccount.exe signout

Success output example:

Developer account {Name} has successfully signed out.


XblPlayerDataReset is used to reset a player's data in test sandboxes. Data includes achievements, leaderboards, stats and title history. An individual account can be reset by its email address, or to reset an account by XUID, first run XblDevAccount.exe to log in with a Partner Center account.


XblPlayerDataReset.exe --scid xxx --sandbox xxx [--xuid xxxx] [--user]

Success output example:

Player data has been reset successfully.

Error output example:

An error occurred while resetting player data:
    Leaderboard reset contains error: {errorMessage}


GlobalStorage.exe is used to manage title global storage in test sandboxes, before publish to RETAIL. XblDevAccount.exe signin is required to be called at least once before first use.


quota: Get title global storage quota information.

GlobalStorage.exe quota –scid xxx --sandbox xxx

Success output example:

Your global storage quota: used bytes {usedBytes}, total bytes {totalBytes}

list: Gets a list of blob meta-data under a given path for the title global storage.

GlobalStorage list --scid xxx --max-items 10 --path path --sandbox xxx

Success output example:

Total 12 items found, Displaying item 0 to 12
        test.txt,       Config,         2
        ...,       Binary,         1874772

delete: Deletes a blob from title storage.

GlobalStorage delete --scid xxx --blob-path foo\bar\blob.txt --sandbox xxx --type Json

download: Downloads blob data from title storage.

GlobalStorage download --scid xxx --output c:\test.txt --blob-path \text.txt --sandbox xxx --type Json

upload: Uploads blob data to title storage.

GlobalStorage upload --scid xxx --file c:\test.txt --blob-path \text.txt --sandbox xxx --type Json


XblConfig.exe is used to manage Xbox Live configuration data for games developed in Windows Dev Center, also known as Config as Source. See the documentation for usage guidelines.

Contribute Back

Is there a feature missing that you'd like to see, or found a bug that you have a fix for? Or do you have an idea or just interest in helping out in building the library? Let us know and we'd love to work with you. For a good starting point on where we are headed and feature ideas, take a look at our requested features and bugs.

Contribute guidance

Big or small we'd like to take your contributions back to help improve the Xbox Live PowerShell Module for everyone.

Having Trouble?

We'd love to get your review score, whether good or bad, but even more than that, we want to fix your problem. If you submit your issue as a Review, we won't be able to respond to your problem and ask any follow-up questions that may be necessary. The most efficient way to do that is to open a an issue in our issue tracker.

Xbox Live GitHub projects

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


The Microsoft Xbox Live Developer Tools enables game developers to create their own tools for the Xbox Live service and access ones created by Microsoft.



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