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Azure Architecture Center
The Azure Architecture Center is the official center for guidance, blueprints, patterns, and best practices for building solutions with Microsoft Azure. It is curated by the Microsoft patterns & practices team.

Azure Architecture Center

  • Azure Application Architecture Guide

    A guide to designing scalable, resilient, and highly available applications, based on proven practices that we have learned from customer engagements.

  • Reference Architectures

    A set of recommended architectures for Azure. Each architecture includes best practices, prescriptive steps, and a deployable solution.

  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

    A process for creating an organization-wide cloud adoption strategy, focusing on policies, governance, and infrastructure.

  • Example Workloads

    Workloads examples covering the implementation of specific business or technical challenges using Azure

  • Build Microservices on Azure

    This design guide takes you through the process of designing and building a microservices architecture on Azure. A reference implementation is included.

  • Azure Data Architecture Guide

    A structured approach to designing data-centric solutions on Microsoft Azure.

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure

    Design guidance and component information for building High Performance Computing (HPC) applications on Azure.

  • Cloud Best Practices

    Best practices for cloud applications, covering aspects such as autoscaling, caching, data partitioning, API design, and others.

  • Designing reliable Azure applications

    Learn how to build fault tolerance and high availability into your applications for Azure.

  • Azure Building Blocks

    Simplify deployment of Azure resources. With a single settings file, deploy complex architectures in Azure.

  • Cloud Design Patterns

    Design patterns for developers and solution architects. Each pattern describes a problem, a pattern that addresses the problem, and an example based on Azure.

  • Azure for AWS Professionals

    Leverage your AWS experiences in Microsoft Azure.

  • Performance tuning

    Used load tests and metrics to diagnose performance issues in cloud applications.

  • Azure Virtual Datacenter

    When deploying enterprise workloads to the cloud, organizations must balance governance with developer agility. Azure Virtual Datacenter provides models to achieve this balance with an emphasis on governance.

Build your skills with Microsoft Learn

  • Pillars of a great Azure architecture

  •  Design for security in Azure

  • Design for performance and scalability in Azure

  • Design for efficiency and operations in Azure

  • Design for availability and recoverability in Azure

  • Tour the N-tier architecture style

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