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Community contributed extensions to the Microsoft Graph .NET SDK service library, to support APIs that have not yet made it into Microsoft Graph
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pschaeflein v1.20 (#35)

* User MailboxSettings & Updated logging (#27)

* - support user-provided logger
- better default handling

* tests for user mailbox settings

* code cleanup

* code cleanup

* Logging in samples (#28)

* Use logging handler from library

* Release 1.18.0

* 1.20 (#34)

* v1.18.0 (#32)

* User MailboxSettings & Updated logging (#27)
* Graph SDK Release 1.18.0

* v1.20.0
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Graph SDK Community Extensions (Graph.Community)

The Graph extension library is a community effort to unblock developers building on .Net Standard who need to call endpoints that are not part of the Microsoft Graph.

Build Status

Branch Status
master Build Status
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NuGet NuGet package
NuGet NuGet package


This community library contains requests and models that extend the Microsoft Graph SDK. Please review the Roadmap for an index of requests that are included and on the roadmap.

If there is an endpoint node for which you would like a request, please submit an issue to initiate a conversation. This will help reduce wasted effort.

Getting Started

Follow the steps as outlined in the Microsoft.Graph SDK repo:

Once a GraphServiceClient is instantiated, an extension method provides access to the SharePoint REST endpoint. This SharePointAPI extension method requires an absolute URL to the SharePoint site collection that is the target of the call. Subsequent methods of the fluent API are used to address the feature area of the REST API.







The version number intentionaly aligned with the version of the Microsoft.Graph package.

Version Component Notes
Major Aligned with Microsoft.Graph
Minor Aligned with Microsoft.Graph
Patch Incremented as requests/models are added to Graph.Community
Suffix Release/build type

Version suffixes (# indicates a sequence number that is reset for each major/minor):

  • -CI-# Continuous Integration release built from dev branch
  • -preview# Preview release, built from prerelease branch
  • No suffix is release build, from master branch
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