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@MIchaelMainer MIchaelMainer released this May 1, 2019 · 14 commits to dev since this release

Microsoft.Graph.Core 1.15.0

New Features:
Added Graph client factory to create HTTP clients that are pre-configured to make requests to Graph APIs.
Added batch request content that make is easy to create payloads for a Graph batch request.
Added batch response content to process batch responses from Graph.
Added compression middleware handler to request, detect and decompress response bodies from Graph service.
Added response handler to process native HTTP response messages to strongly typed Graph objects.
Added page iterator to process items in a response page and provide control for iterating across response pages.

Fixed issue #136.
Fixed issue #205.
Fixed issue #401.
Fixed issue #413.
Fixed issue #431.
Fixed issue #435.
Fixed issue #447.
Fixed issue #449.

Microsoft.Graph 1.15.0

New features:

  • AlertHistoryState
  • Audit logs
  • AverageComparativeScore
  • CalendarGetScheduleRequestBody
  • CertificationControl
  • ComplianceInformation
  • ControlScore
  • FreeBusyError
  • ScheduleInformation
  • ScheduleItem
  • SecureScore
  • SecureScoreControlProfile
  • SecureScoreControlStateUpdate

Updated features:

  • Alert
  • Channel
  • DriveItem
  • Security
  • ItemReference
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