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Microsoft Graph Security API Samples

Microsoft Graph Security samples are intended to provide you an example of how various functionalities of entities available in the Microsoft Graph Security namespace could be integrated to enrich your security solutions (applications or services).

Note: These are samples and are not intended to be directly used in your production environment. Some of these samples are expected to be incomplete and we do encourage the community to contribute to enrich the samples for all.

These samples are available in different programming languages / scripts / formats so as to meet the needs for different developer audiences. Each language sample is hosted in it's own repository, hence depending on where you would like to contribute you can accordingly fork that repository. Details on this is covered in the contributing guidelines

Read more about the various integration options and recognition program for contributions.

We have samples in the following languages for Microsoft Graph Security API with respective repository locations, links to file issues to track improvements scoped to a repository and respective blogpost and documentation links as applicable.

Language Repo Issues More Info
QuickStarts Sample Issues Documentation
General - Authentication Sample Issues Documentation
.NET - ASPNET MVC Sample Issues Get Started-ASP.NET
Python Sample Issues Get Started-Python
Node.JS Sample Issues Get Started-Node.JS
PowerShell Sample, Module - PowerShell Gallery, Module - Repo Issues Blogpost
Playbooks Sample Issues Blogpost, Documentation
Power BI Sample Issues Blogpost, Documentation
Jupyter Notebooks Sample Issues Documentation
Curated Queries Sample Issues Blogpost, ODATA Documentation
MISP Threat Indicators Sample Issues Documentation
NextJS Sample Issues Blogpost