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Proof-of-Concept relay smart contract for Microsponsors federation
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Test Contract: Federation Relay Bridge

This is a small proof-of-concept that will help Microsponsors federate and/or upgrade its own Registry smart contract in the future.

The basic concepts:

  • Each Microsponsors Federation member will have its own Registry contract that implements its own authorization rules (as well as its own account registration data).
  • Transfer restrictions are currently implemented on the Microsponsors ERC-721 contract by pointing directly at the (only) public Microsponsors registry() address for authorization checks (it contains a DeployedRegistry ABI to help it query the Registry).
  • To federate, we can simply deploy the contract in this repo and point the ERC-721 public registry() setting to it via updateRegistryAddress(). This contract resolves each federationId to the corresponding Registry address mapped for that member.
  • To add each new member to the Federation, the Microsponsors admin calls update(<federationId>, <newAddress>) on this contract.
  • NOTE: The original Microsponsors registry should always be set to federationId=1 1 so the ERC-721 tokens minted up to this point will resolve to the correct (original) registry!

Details about how to implement a Registry of your own to integrate with our Federation can be found in the Registry repo:

Build & Deploy

Run ganache-cli: $ ganache-cli -p 8545 In another terminal:

$ rm -rf build && truffle migrate --reset --compile-all


This stack seems to be sensitive to versioning, so capturing details here:

  • truffle v5.0.21
  • ganache-cli v6.4.3
  • solc compiler 0.5.5, specified in truffle-config.js


$ truffle console --network development
> Relay.deployed().then(inst => { r = inst})
> r.update(1, <address>)
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