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URF Play Styles - Riot Games API Challenge entry

by Wong Man Hang (NA: microtony, Taiwan: 微Tony)

This project aims to understand how players changed their play style in the URF game mode and the effects. k-means clustering was used to obtain 5 item build centroids (Marksman, Mage, Fighter, Support and Tank). After that, items builds from matches are categorized into one of the 5 centroids. Results are finally aggregated and presented in the mini AngularJS application.

Note: Marksman is not restricted to ranged champions.

Live URL

More details of the project can be found in the "About" tab.

Interesting Findings

  1. In URF mode, Ashe was played as a Mage 19% of the time. The win rate is 42.62%.
  2. Building more damage on Poppy gives higher win rate. (Marksman: 61.93%, Tank: 51.97%)
  3. Despite a dramatic shift to Mage builds, for some champions the win rates of such builds did not increase. (Blitzcrank: 51.93% to 49.02%, Malphite: 51.12% to 50.61%)
  4. Thresh has the lowest win rate (about 40%) for all builds.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Azure ML
  • AngularJS
  • Google Charts
  • Node.JS for downloading data from Riot Games API


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