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Web site screenshot tool based on PHP and PhantomJS You can use it to take screenshots for testing or monitoring service


Via Composer

$ composer require microweber/screen

If on any Unix system, you need to make the bin executable chmod +x /path/to/screen/bin/phantomjs

The directory /path/to/screen/jobs must be writable as well.

Linux requirements

  • FontConfig - apt-get/yum install fontconfig
  • FreeType - apt-get/yum install freetype*


With this library you can make use of PhantomJs to screenshot a website.

Check our demo or read the following instructions.

Creating the object, you can either pass the URL on the constructor or set it later on

use Screen\Capture;

$url = '';

$screenCapture = new Capture($url);
// or
$screenCapture = new Capture();

You can also set the browser dimensions


you can set also DOM Element Position (top, left)


This will output all the page including the content rendered beyond the setted dimensions (e.g.: all the scrollable content), if you want just the content inside those boudaries you need to clip the result

// You also need to set the width and height.

Some webpages don't have a background color setted to the body, if you want you can set the color using this method


You can also set the User Agent

$screenCapture->setUserAgentString('Some User Agent String');

And the resulted image type

// allowed types are 'jpg' and 'png', default is 'jpg'.
// or
  • If the format is jpg and the background color is not set, the default value will be #FFFFFF, if png the default background color will be transparent.

And most importantly, save the result

$fileLocation = '/some/dir/test.' . $screen->getImageType()->getFormat();

// you don't need to set the file extension
$fileLocation = '/some/dir/test';
$screenCapture->save($fileLocation); // Will automatically determine the extension type

echo $screenCapture->getImageLocation(); // --> /some/dir/test.png

Injection your own JS into the web page

You can also run your own JS scripts or snippets before the screenshot.

For that we have the method includeJs, here are some usage examples:

// Including a remote file
$jQueryUrl = '';
$screenCapture->includeJs(new \Screen\Injection\Url($jQUeryUrl));

// Including a local file
$localFilePath = 'path/to/my/script.js';
$screenCapture->includeJs(new \Screen\Injection\LocalPath($localFilePath));

// Using the scripts included on the library
$screen->includeJs(new \Screen\Injection\Scripts\FacebookHideCookiesPolicy());
$screen->includeJs(new \Screen\Injection\Scripts\FacebookHideSignUp());

// Using a js snippet
$screen->includeJs("console.log('This is supa cool!');");

Just use this method before calling save(...)

Passing options to PhantomJS

You can set the options that will be passed to the PhantomJS binary.

    'ignore-ssl-errors' => 'yes',
    // '--ignore-ssl-errors' => 'yes', // dashes may be omitted

Other configurations

Additionally to the basic usage, you can set so extra configurations.

You can change the where the PhantomJS binary file is.

$screenCapture->binPath = '/path/to/bin/dir/';
// This will result in /path/to/bin/dir/phantomjs

Change the jobs location

echo $screenCapture->jobs->getLocation(); // -> /path/to/jobs/dir/

And set an output base location

echo $screenCapture->output->getLocation(); // -> /path/to/output/dir/

// if the output location is setted
// will save the file to /path/to/output/dir/file.jpg

You can also clean/delete all the generated job files like this:



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


Thanks to the PhantomJS (LICENSE) guys for creating their awesome WebKit scripting interface.

This tool was originally created to take screenshots for Microweber