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Drag and Drop CMS and free online shop

Microweber: the Drag-and-Drop CMS

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Microweber is a content management system of new generation that allows you to make your website by drag and drop.

You can easily manipulate the content and the layout of your pages without the need to write code.

Try the demo here

Download the latest version from here

How to install

The following server requirements are needed:

  • Apache web server or IIS
  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • MySQL 5 or above
  • mod_rewrite must be enabled
  • lib-xml must be enabled, with DOM support
  • GD php extension must be loaded

Unzip and upload the files in your server folder and open your browser to the index.php file

If there is no config.php file in your folder Microweber will make new config.php for you when you install it

Microweber will also create or modify your .htaccess file on install

After installation you can login in the admin panel from http://you_site_url/admin

For developers:

Microweber is a new generation drag and drop cms and application framework.

It can be used to manage your websites or simply to power your custom applications.

Check out the existing documentation on our website or on github.

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