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Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Bitcoin Developers

Copyright (c) 2014 GPUCoin Developers

Proof-of-work algorithm:

  • Symbol: GPUC

  • Scrypt: Nfactor, N starting at 2048)

  • Maxcoins: 13,500,000,000

  • Premine: 400,000,000

  • 1 minute block targets

  • Subsidy initial reward: 20,000

  • block 0-200 : 0 reward

  • block 200-720: 1 reward (+1 day ahead of mining launch)

  • Subsidy halves in 250,000 blocks (roughly 173 days, or 1/2 a year)

    • halving happens 4 times
    • this means 1-250000 + startoffset = 20000 reward
      • 250k-500k = 10000 reward
      • 500k-750k = 5000 reward
      • 750-1m = 2500 reward
      • 1m + = 1250 reward
  • Confirmation needed: 12 (due to 1 min blocks)

  • COINBASE_Maturity: 100

  • KGW implementation

  • everything else: pretty much litecoin coin and paste.

default Port 8623 / 18623 for test net default RPC port 8622

Development plan


  • (done) Temporarily remove checkpoints

  • (done) Change ports

  • (done) Update GPUcoin_seeder with ports.

  • (done) All name changes, and symbol changes: GPUC

  • (done) Change max coins amount, and original COIN amount

  • (done) Change KGW retarget time

  • (done) Add in DNSSeed address, and hardcoded 3 node seed addresses, 3 data center VPSes: 2 in US, and 1 in canada

  • (done) Revert fix micro, milli units (this was changed before to avoid integer overflows for 100B+coins)

  • (done) Update subsidy schedule

    • (done) change confirmations needed to account for 60second blocktimes changed to 12
  • (done) nfactor schedule

Internal Testing:

  • testing phase on intranet using linux CLI daemon
    • (done) test client mining (cpu)
    • (done) test rewards
    • (done) test send/receive
    • (done) test GPU mining - solo
    • (done)test KGW

Final Modifications:

  • (done) Get PNG logo & graphics from GPUC, and populate QT folder
  • (done) Change address prefix from S to G
  • (done) Add launch Seed nodes to DNSseed main.cpp hard code
  • (done) Fix windows build on makefile
  • (done) Build windows_alpha client
  • (done) Test windows alpha client,
  • (done)
  • (in progress : cryptowest team reviewing) get code reviews
  • (done) test send on test network.

Real Genesis blocks, and fork prevention:

  • (done)Update to launch pszTimestamp
  • (done)Update to launch nTime to curent POSIX time
  • (done)Create real genesis hash, merkle root, and get nonce
  • (done)Mine to 179 blocks
  • (done)Get checkpoints, and update checkpoints.cpp
  • (done) Settle on final node IP address hardcodes, and any changes to DNS seed host addresses


  • (done) Build Final Windows
  • Build OSX client
  • (done) Deploy on VPS behind firewall: DNSSeed, and Seed node
  • (done) Setup IP tables, etc.

Final Test:

  • (done) Test Run DNSseed and make sure it can ping seed nodes, and shows as available
  • (done) Test that DNS seed is working using nslookup
  • (done) Test Final windows build can connect immediately from fresh start (no previous blockdb)
  • (done) Test Final windows build sends / receive coins working
  • (done) Test GPU mining against "real" network for blocks 200-210 (reward=1)
  • (done) Send private build to GPUC
  • (done) Send 400M premine coins to GPUC's wallet

Final Launch:

  • AI: GPUC - he has client now - Upload windows build to mega,
  • Push code post launch code to github
  • "Launch Post"


Testing and code review is the bottleneck for development; we get more pull requests than we can review and test. Please be patient and help out, and remember this is a security-critical project where any mistake might cost people lots of money.

Automated Testing

Developers are strongly encouraged to write unit tests for new code, and to submit new unit tests for old code.

Unit tests for the core code are in src/test/. To compile and run them:

cd src; make -f makefile.unix test

Unit tests for the GUI code are in src/qt/test/. To compile and run them:

qmake BITCOIN_QT_TEST=1 -o Makefile.test
make -f Makefile.test