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gofluidinfo is an light wrapper for the Fluidinfo API in Go.

(Based on the Go Language docs + library source and go-twitter)


go get

Quick Start

  • Create a url to run the request against.

url := "/users/username"

  • Create a client by passing in username and password string (empty strings for unauthenticated calls)

myclient := fluidinfo.NewClient("test","test")

  • Call the desired HTTP method. Returns http.Response and os.Error

r, err := myclient.Get(url)


r, err := myclient.Post(url, data)

Matching client methods for the request methods supported by fluidinfo (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE & HEAD) are included.

Also included is a UrlEncode method which converts a string map "map[string]string" into a query string in the format "?param1=value1&param2=value2..."


doc/ - godoc generated files, coming soon