SilverStripe module providing drag & drop grouping of items in a GridField
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SilverStripe GridField Groupable

This module allows drag & drop grouping of items in a GridField. It bolts on top of- and depends on GridFieldOrderableRows for the drag & drop sorting functionality



Example application (Block Enhancements module): assign content blocks to block-areas by drag & drop



composer require micschk/silverstripe-groupable-gridfield

Requirements (all pulled in by composer)

  • SilverStripe CMS ~3.1
  • SilverStripe GridFieldExtensions


$grid = new GridField(
    'Example Grid',
    $gfConfig = GridFieldConfig::create()
        ->addComponent(new GridFieldToolbarHeader())
        ->addComponent(new GridFieldTitleHeader())
        ->addComponent(new GridFieldEditableColumns())
        ->addComponent(new GridFieldOrderableRows())
        ->addComponent(new GridFieldFooter())
// add Groupable (example from BlockEnhancements module)
$gfConfig->addComponent(new GridFieldGroupable(
        'BlockArea',    // The fieldname to set the Group
        'Area',   // A description of the function of the group
        'none',         // A title/header for items without a group/unassigned
        array(          // List of available values for the Group field
            'BeforeContent' => 'Before Content',
            'AfterContent' => 'Before Content',

Thank you

TITLE WEB SOLUTIONS for sponsoring the isolation of this module out of Blocks Enhancements