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BOD agent design for the NetLogo simulation platform
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BODNetLogo Integrates the BOD agent design methodology and the NetLogo simulation platform.

If you're new to BODNetLogo you might want to start at the github wiki pages .

The web pages for this project can be found at

And you can contact me at

Or alternatively at the pages of Joanna Bryson

If you're new to BODNetLogo you might want to start at the github wiki pages .

The program is currently functional in that it is perfectly possible to use it for real work and that all necessary features work correctly and as needed.

However to put it in the kindest terms a large amount of the program was hacked together (you could also call it rushed) due to the pressures of dissertation writing. So there is plenty of work still to be done, specifically tidying up/refactoring the code, making it a little easier to use, as well as the usual grand list of possible new features.

If you would like to use BODNetLogo please feel free to take a copy of the code, there is an included pre-compiled .jar file as well as an example model - please see the readme for information on how to get it going.

If you are interested in helping out on the development please do get in touch - I am currently very busy with other commitments and so cannot put anywhere near as much time into the project as it deserves (and needs).

Mike Brooks

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