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Play around with Altravia srl Test API
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Check Domain

Play around with Altravia srl Test API for fun but also for profit

The Problem

We want to have a small, fast program that:

  • Checks for purchase availability of an italian internet domain.
  • If the domain is available, purchase it.

We want to run this program as a scheduled task, for example as a cronjob on a Linux server, where it will be run every hour or so.

The Constraints

  • The program should be small, lightweight and require minimal dependencies to run.
  • We should use Altravia's API. Altravia is a web registrar whom has given us permission to use their api. Credentials are available, and also documentation.
  • We should run it responsibly, without spamming Altravia srl's api.
  • The application should be written in Go, with TDD approach.
  • Deadline for a working product is 10th of September 2019.


Obtain API credentials, and store them in an internal/.env file:


Check internal/request_data.go for validity of information.


go install


checkdomain -d


go test -v ./internal
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