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Releases: micuintus/harbour-Berlin-Vegan

Choose a tag to compare
  • Mark recently added venues in list with a "new" tag
  • Allow filtering for recently added venues
  • Completely overhaul the filter section for FELGO (iOS/Android) variants (switches instead of check boxes)
  • Offer filtering for venues open on a date and at a time specified by the user
  • Fix bug for variant on Android: Map resolution was broken, font sizes were way too small
Choose a tag to compare
  • Show venue sub type as coloured tags in venue description
  • Adapt the application to the new "Shops" data layout
  • Show number of matching venues on filter page
  • Show opening hours comment (if available)
  • Mark current day in opening hours
  • Show "Breakfast" and "Brunch" in the venue description
  • Option to filter out venues that do not have a review
  • Align filter sorting with web version
  • Increase zoom level on Android (map)