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MyTEST Project


This repository is my first (serious) attempt to create, step-by-step, a basic PHPUnit testing application. This code it is not useful to anyone looking for a PHPUnit testing wrapper, it is just simple example of installing and using PHPUnit.

Programming Languages

Main programming language:

  • PHP


Below are the steps to produce this example PHPUnit application:

  • Copy the files to root folder of your server (e.g. htdocs, www )
  • Install PHPUnit (here the version for Windows was used) following the instructions here: PHPUnit installation for Windows
  • Install Composer (again the windows version is used here) following the instructions here: Composer for Windows
  • Create a json file in the root directory with name 'composer.json' open it and add the following:
    "require-dev": {
        "phpunit/phpunit": "6.1"
  • PHPUnit version is the latest stable at the time of writing this code (of course you can modify the PHPUnit version)
  • Then via command line and using composer install PHPUnit with the command (from the root folder):
$ composer install
  • From that point you are ready to create your application classes and test them with PHPUnit
  • For this sample code the "classes" folder includes the apllication's classes and the folder "testing" the PHPUnit testing classes
  • For calling the test class execute the following:
$ phpunit ClassNameTest

Test Environment

  • Apache 2.4.23
  • PHP 7.0.10

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