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A simple timezone bot for Discord servers.

Click here to add it to your server!

Allows users to set their timezone, then passively notes timezones when appropriate.

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  • t!time <user, role, or location name> to see the current time for a specific user or in a specific place.
  • t!timein <location name> to see the current time in a specific place.
  • t!set <city or country name> to set your own timezone. (UTC codes also work, e.g. 'UTC+3', 'UTC-8')
  • t!users or t!all to see all users' set timezones. (use t!here to restrict to the current channel)
  • t!count to see timezone counts. (t!count here works)
  • t!role <@role or role name>to see the timezones for all users in a role.
  • t!at <time> <user or location> to see all users' times from the viewpoint of a specific time and place. Day of the week is optional. (i.e. t!at Mon 5PM Cairo. Use t!at here <time> <user or location> to restrict to the current channel.)
  • t!me to see your set timezone.
  • t!removeme to delete your set timezone.
  • t!info or t!help to show a message listing all commands.

Admin-only commands:

  • t!prefix <new prefix> to set the prefix for bot commands. Defaults to "t!"
  • t!setuser <@user> <location name> - Set the timezone for a user in the server.
  • t!removeuser <@user> - Remove the timezone for a user in the server.
  • t!format - Toggles between 12 and 24-hour format.
  • t!autorespond - Toggles auto-responses on/off.
  • t!adminonly - Toggles admin mode on/off. (Only server admins can invoke most commands)
  • t!deletecommand - Toggles bot command deletion on/off.
  • t!deleteresponse <number of seconds (optional)> - Sets bot response deletion time. Don't add a number to turn off.
  • t!suppresswarnings - Toggles bot admin warnings on/off.

(Most commands can be run by using the first letter of the command, e.g. 't!s Chicago' to set. 't!time' becomes 't!t'.)