A filter for Moodle that replaces links to MiddMedia files with embed code.
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Moodle MiddMedia Filter

This Moodle filter will convert links to MiddMedia media files into embed code and/or HTML5 audio/video elements so that they can be played directly in the browser.

MiddMedia ( https://github.com/middlebury/middmedia ) is a web-based file-management tool that allows users to upload, delete, preview, and get embed code for media files. MiddMedia is designed to work along-side Adobe's Flash Media Server (FMS) to handle media management duties. See https://github.com/middlebury/middmedia for more details about MiddMedia.

Installation via Git

  1. At the command line, cd to the filter subdirectory in your Moodle installation:

     cd moodle/filter/
  2. Clone the repository to a subdirectory named middmedia:

     git clone git://github.com/middlebury/Moodle-MiddMedia-Filter.git middmedia

Installation via Download

  1. At the command line, cd to the filter subdirectory in your Moodle installation:

     cd moodle/filter/
  2. Download the latest version of the source:

     wget https://github.com/middlebury/Moodle-MiddMedia-Filter/zipball/master -O middmedia_filter-latest.zip
  3. Unzip the archive:

     unzip middmedia_filter-latest.zip
  4. Rename the directory:

     mv middlebury-Moodle-MiddMedia-Filter-9836f5a middmedia


When logged into Moodle as an admin, go to Site Administration -> Modules -> Filters -> Manage filters and enable the plugin. Configuration settings can be changed from their defaults by clicking on the Settings link next to the MiddMedia filter.


In any Moodle text block, just make an HTML link to a middmedia file using the link tool on the Moodle WYSIWYG toolbar. The URL to use is the HTTP (Download) URL in MiddMedia. Example:

<a href="http://middmedia.middlebury.edu/media/afranco/mp4/Course%20Catalog%20Screencast.mp4">Video</a>

When viewing the text-block, the link will be replaced with the embeded video.

To change the dimensions of the video, append ?d=320x240 to the end of the URL where 320 is your desired width and 240 is your desired height. Example:

<a href="http://middmedia.middlebury.edu/media/afranco/mp4/Course%20Catalog%20Screencast.mp4?d=320x240">Video</a>

The default width is 640 and the default height is 480.