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MiddMedia is a web-based file-management tool that allows users to upload, delete, preview, and get embed code for media files. MiddMedia is designed to work along-side Adobe's Flash Media Server (FMS) to handle media management duties.
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MiddMedia is a audio/video management system that runs along-side an Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) or another Flash video server. FMS provides the streaming of the video data while MiddMedia handles user authentication, file management, and the generation of appropriate embed-code.

MiddMedia is not a video browsing and sharing service in the vein of YouTube. To share a video with others you must embed it in a website visible to your intended audience. This website might be a Segue site, a WordPress blog, a MediaWiki wiki, or another site on campus or elsewhere on the internet.

MiddMedia Plugins

Plugins are available for CMS applications that allow them to integrate with MiddMedia. At the simplest, these plugins will convert some shortcode in the CMS to the proper embed code to stream media off of the MiddMedia host. More advanced plugins will provide a browsing interface within the CMS that can allow users ofthe CMS to browse and upload media to MiddMedia directly from within the CMS.


MiddMedia includes contextual help for users. Additional documentation can be found online at:

Getting MiddMedia

We are no longer regularly packaging tarballs for download. To get the latest version of MiddMedia, please clone our Git repository:

git clone git://
cd middmedia
git submodule update --init --recursive

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 or later with the following options:

  • MySQL database (version 4 or later)

In addition to the requirements above you will likely want to install Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) or an alternative server for streaming Flash video.


  1. Download the MiddMedia source via Git.

    git clone git://
    cd middmedia
    git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Create custom configuration files for those you need to change by renaming config/xxxxxx_default.conf.php to config/xxxxxx.conf.php. You will likely need to make custom settings in the following configs:

    • database.conf.php
    • middmedia.conf.php
    • authentication_sources.conf.php
  3. Create a database for MiddMedia to store user and quota information.

  4. Add the database connection parameters to the config/database.conf.php you created in Step 2.

  5. Point your browser at the directory in which you installed MiddMedia. The required tables will be created the first time the application is accessed.

  6. Log in with username/password: jadministrator/password

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