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Nuo Model Viewer

A simple Wavefront OBJ viewer.

Latest Update

  • Load/save scene parameters (postion, light source direction, etc.).
  • Normal texture.
  • Light source configuration.
  • Multiple light sources.

  • Adjustable lighting direction.
  • Better handling to material opacity.

Screenshots on Development


  • Bump texture.
  • Direction of lgiht source.
  • Intensity of light source.
  • Mutilple light sources.
  • Selectable list of object.
  • Surface smooth.
  • Shadow (to model and to ground).
  • Cull mode.
  • Surrounding (cube map).
  • Reflection.
  • Model visualization
    • Triangle mesh
    • Normal/tangent visualization

Early Screenshots

Screenshot of the first version (left). Add support to simple transparency (right).