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Pretty URLs (Directory Indexes)

Pretty URLs (Directory Indexes)

By default Middleman will output the files exactly as you have described them in your project. For example a about-us.html.erb file in the source folder will be output as about-us.html when you build the project. If you were to place this project in the root of a web-server at, then this page would be accessible at:

This makes sense for a static website, but many find the .html distasteful and would prefer a clean (or pretty) extension-less URL. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Ruby Web-server

If you are using a Rack-based web-server, you can use the Rack::TryStatic middleware found in the rack-contrib project. In your (or Rails Rack configuration), add the following:

require "rack/contrib/try_static"
use Rack::TryStatic, :root => "build", :urls => %w[/], :try => ['.html']

The same about-us.html file would be accessible at:

Apache (and compatible server)

If you are not using a Rack-based web-server, you can use the Directory Indexes feature to tell Middleman to create a folder for each .html file and place the built template file as the index of that folder. In your config.rb:

activate :directory_indexes

Now when the above project is built, the about-us.html.erb file will be output as about-us/index.html. When placed in an Apache compatible web-server, the page would be available at:

If you prefer a different file be output, you can use the index_file variable. For example, IIS uses default.html:

set :index_file, "default.html"

Or, you may want a PHP file:

set :index_file, "index.php"


If there are pages which you don't want automatically renamed, you can opt-out:

page "/i-really-want-the-extension.html", :directory_index => false

Manual Indexes

If your template file is already named index.html it will pass through Middleman untouched. For example, my-page/index.html.erb will generate my-page/index.html as you would expect.

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