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Sprockets support for Middleman
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middleman-sprockets is an extension for the Middleman static site generator that allows support for Sprockets in your assets.


If you're just getting started, install the middleman gem and generate a new project:

gem install middleman
middleman init MY_PROJECT

If you already have a Middleman project: Add gem "middleman-sprockets" to your Gemfile and run bundle install


activate :sprockets


If you want to use, middleman-sprockets you need to configure it first - See Configuration. If you want to use middleman-sprockets with bower, you need to import assets first. The path is relative to your bower-directory.

sprockets.import_asset <path>

Given vendor/assets/components as bower-directory and jquery as component-name, you would import the jquery production version with:

sprockets.append_path 'vendor/assets/components'
sprockets.import_asset 'jquery/dist/jquery'

If you tell sprockets just about the name of the component, it will make thos files available which are given in the main-section of the bower.json-file.

sprockets.append_path 'vendor/assets/components'
sprockets.import_asset 'jquery'

If you need to tell sprockets to use an individual output path for your asset, you can pass #import_asset a block. This block gets the logical path as Pathname and needs to return the relative output path for the asset as String or Pathname.

sprockets.append_path 'vendor/assets/components'

# return logical path
sprockets.import_asset 'jquery/dist/jquery' do |logical_path|
  # => prefix/jquery/dist/jquery'prefix') + logical_path

Be careful if you are using bower-components which place their assets in non-standard-directories. Fonts should be placed in fonts, Stylesheets in stylesheets or css, JavaScript-files in javascripts or js and images in images. If you have got a svg-font in a non-standard-directory you might need to use the #import_asset-call with the block to place it in the correct directory.

Build & Dependency Status

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The official community forum is available at:

Bug Reports

Github Issues are used for managing bug reports and feature requests. If you run into issues, please search the issues and submit new problems:

The best way to get quick responses to your issues and swift fixes to your bugs is to submit detailed bug reports, include test cases and respond to developer questions in a timely manner. Even better, if you know Ruby, you can submit Pull Requests containing Cucumber Features which describe how your feature should work or exploit the bug you are submitting.

How to Run Cucumber Tests

  1. Checkout Repository: git clone
  2. Install Bundler: gem install bundler
  3. Run bundle install inside the project root to install the gem dependencies.
  4. Run test cases: bundle exec rake test


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Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Thomas Reynolds. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.

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