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@willfarrell willfarrell released this 01 Apr 06:33
· 1532 commits to main since this release

Checkout to see what are the main breaking changes and how to migrate to this new version if coming from 1.x.

Focus this version was on performance and security by default.


  • New middlewares (cloudwatch-metrics, rds-signer, s3-object-response, sts)
  • New plugin hook for core to allow easier bottleneck detection with middlewares and handler

Breaking Changes

  • All middlewares now use async/await and have deprecated next(err) and callback(err, response)
  • validator refactored to support draft-2020-12 using the latest version of ajv (v8). Errors now use instancePath over dataPath. Full i18n is now enabled by default
  • http-error-handler no longer exposes status code >= 500 by default.
  • Middlewares that reach out to 3rd party API have been completely refactored to have unifying options that resolve on demand from internal context. Applies to:
    • rds-signer
    • secrets-manager
    • ssm
    • sts
  • Deprecated middlewares:
    • cache: little usage, makes more sense to be pulled out of core
    • db-manager: little usage, makes more sense to be pulled out of core
    • function-shield: Only supported up to Node v10
    • warmup: AWS now supported reserved provisioned concurrency for Lambda


  • Documentation overhaul, with a dedicated section for TypeScript
  • Changed test runner to ava/sinon for esm support and keep deps clean
  • Added c8 for test coverage logging
  • Changed linting to use standard cli to keep deps clean

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