Scripts in basic language to configure rx or FC(betaflight) from TX with ersky9x firmware
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scripts in basic language for control using Tx with ersky9x firmware


How to install:

  1. Power off your transmitter.
  2. Remove the SD card and plug it into a computer
  3. Copy the scripts(only the files with extension .bas) to the /SCRIPTS folder on the SD card.If the folder does not exist you have to generate it. See Note: below for more details
  4. Reinsert your SD card into the transmitter
  5. Power up your transmitter.
  • Note:

/SCRIPTS – put standalone scripts here.

/SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY – put scripts that display on the custom telemetry screens here.

/SCRIPTS/MODEL – put “background” scripts here.


  1. Press Menu button long.
  2. Scroll down on the pop up menu and select "Run Script"
  3. Scroll down on the script page to the script you want to run.
  4. Run the script by pressing Menu button long.


  1. Change Betaflight PID/Rates.Tested with 9xpro with last ersky9X firmware and multi STM32 module with custom firmware for sport bidirectional communication.

How to use:

  1. Button MENU short press, change pages PID/Rates pages.
  2. Button UP and DOWN move between fields/lines to select value for editing.
  3. Button RIGHT allow editing the page values the selected value will blink so you know you are on this mode.In this mode press button UP and DOWN increase /decrease values.Button EXIT short press close edititing mode blink will stop.
  4. Button MENU long press enters in new menu(saving) with 2 options save page and reload. Select one of the options by pressing UP and DOWN button.Press RIGHT button to run the selected mode. save page as the name implied send commands for saving the new page values to betaflight and reload commands for retrieving the values from betaflight.
  5. Button EXIT long press terminate the script running and you exit on general script screen.
  6. Button LEFT press is taking you on new screen used only for debugging.This is to be used only by advanced users that know how to modify the script source and configure the debugging test screen for their needs.