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Midgard Project website component

This Midgard MVC component is designed for running the Midgard Project website according to the new single page for product approach outlined on a midgard-dev thread.

Setup with Vagrant

You'll need a working Vagrant installation. Make a local clone of this repository:

$ git clone git://

Then start Vagrant:

$ cd org_midgardproject_projectsite/setup/vagrant
$ vagrant up

This will take a while as Vagrant will construct a new virtual machine with Ubuntu 12.10, Midgard, and Midgard MVC.

The site will be available in http://localhost:8181

Restarting the server

The Vagrant setup of the site uses AppServer-in-PHP for serving the pages. If you make modifications to any files, you'll have to restart the server.

Make a SSH connection to the Vagrant virtual machine:

$ vagrant ssh

And then just restart the service:

$ sudo service midgardmvc stop
$ sudo service midgardmvc start

Working with the content

As this site isn't live yet, you can work on the content on your local installation. We will keep a copy of all the content in this Git repository in Midgard's serialized format.

To import the initial content, run:

$ vagrant ssh
$ php bin/import_content.php

To get started with editing, log in at http://localhost:8181/mgd:login

This should make the Midgard Create user interface available.

To share your modifications, run:

$ vagrant ssh
$ php bin/export_content.php
$ git commit -m "Some new modifications"
$ git push
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