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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ What exactly does it do?
2) Rars the video
3) Creates a small NFO file saying where it came from
4) Creates pars from the rars
-5) Uploads the rars, rars, and NFO to usenet
+5) Uploads the rars, pars, and NFO to usenet
How does the quality stuff work?
@@ -62,4 +62,14 @@ Call it manually
./ <file1> [file2] ... [fileN]
-Run just ./ with no options to see all other options.
+Run just ./ with no options to see all other options.
+Newsmangler Config
+In order to get your files detected on the automatic indexing sites you should use the [Lift-Cup] prefix and post to alt.binaries.multimedia.
+So your resulting posts should look something like:
+[LiftCup] Cookery.School.s01e43.andyx.tbz.HDTV.XviD [35/35] - "Cookery.School.s01e43.andyx.tbz.HDTV.XviD.vol126+74.par2" yEnc

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