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# Author: Nic Wolfe <>
# URL:
# This file is part of Sick Beard.
# Sick Beard is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# Sick Beard is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Sick Beard. If not, see <>.
import time
import datetime
import sqlite3
import sickbeard
from sickbeard import db
from sickbeard import logger
from sickbeard.common import Quality
from sickbeard import helpers, exceptions, show_name_helpers
from sickbeard import name_cache
from sickbeard.exceptions import ex
#import xml.etree.cElementTree as etree
import xml.dom.minidom
from lib.tvdb_api import tvdb_api, tvdb_exceptions
from name_parser.parser import NameParser, InvalidNameException
class CacheDBConnection(db.DBConnection):
def __init__(self, providerName):
db.DBConnection.__init__(self, "cache.db")
# Create the table if it's not already there
sql = "CREATE TABLE "+providerName+" (name TEXT, season NUMERIC, episodes TEXT, tvrid NUMERIC, tvdbid NUMERIC, url TEXT, time NUMERIC, quality TEXT);"
except sqlite3.OperationalError, e:
if str(e) != "table "+providerName+" already exists":
# Create the table if it's not already there
sql = "CREATE TABLE lastUpdate (provider TEXT, time NUMERIC);"
except sqlite3.OperationalError, e:
if str(e) != "table lastUpdate already exists":
class TVCache():
def __init__(self, provider):
self.provider = provider
self.providerID = self.provider.getID()
self.minTime = 10
def _getDB(self):
return CacheDBConnection(self.providerID)
def _clearCache(self):
myDB = self._getDB()
myDB.action("DELETE FROM "+self.providerID+" WHERE 1")
def _getRSSData(self):
data = None
return data
def _checkAuth(self, data):
return True
def _checkItemAuth(self, title, url):
return True
def updateCache(self):
if not self.shouldUpdate():
data = self._getRSSData()
# as long as the http request worked we count this as an update
if data:
return []
# now that we've loaded the current RSS feed lets delete the old cache
logger.log(u"Clearing "" cache and updating with new information")
if not self._checkAuth(data):
raise exceptions.AuthException("Your authentication info for "" is incorrect, check your config")
parsedXML = xml.dom.minidom.parseString(data)
items = parsedXML.getElementsByTagName('item')
except Exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error trying to load "" RSS feed: "+ex(e), logger.ERROR)
logger.log(u"Feed contents: "+repr(data), logger.DEBUG)
return []
if parsedXML.documentElement.tagName != 'rss':
logger.log(u"Resulting XML from "" isn't RSS, not parsing it", logger.ERROR)
return []
for item in items:
def _translateLinkURL(self, url):
return url.replace('&amp;','&')
def _parseItem(self, item):
title = helpers.get_xml_text(item.getElementsByTagName('title')[0])
url = helpers.get_xml_text(item.getElementsByTagName('link')[0])
self._checkItemAuth(title, url)
if not title or not url:
logger.log(u"The XML returned from the "" feed is incomplete, this result is unusable", logger.ERROR)
url = self._translateLinkURL(url)
logger.log(u"Adding item from RSS to cache: "+title, logger.DEBUG)
self._addCacheEntry(title, url)
def _getLastUpdate(self):
myDB = self._getDB()
sqlResults ="SELECT time FROM lastUpdate WHERE provider = ?", [self.providerID])
if sqlResults:
lastTime = int(sqlResults[0]["time"])
lastTime = 0
return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(lastTime)
def setLastUpdate(self, toDate=None):
if not toDate:
toDate =
myDB = self._getDB()
{'time': int(time.mktime(toDate.timetuple()))},
{'provider': self.providerID})
lastUpdate = property(_getLastUpdate)
def shouldUpdate(self):
# if we've updated recently then skip the update
if - self.lastUpdate < datetime.timedelta(minutes=self.minTime):
logger.log(u"Last update was too soon, using old cache: today()-"+str(self.lastUpdate)+"<"+str(datetime.timedelta(minutes=self.minTime)), logger.DEBUG)
return False
return True
def _addCacheEntry(self, name, url, season=None, episodes=None, tvdb_id=0, tvrage_id=0, quality=None, extraNames=[]):
myDB = self._getDB()
parse_result = None
# if we don't have complete info then parse the filename to get it
for curName in [name] + extraNames:
myParser = NameParser()
parse_result = myParser.parse(curName)
except InvalidNameException:
logger.log(u"Unable to parse the filename "+curName+" into a valid episode", logger.DEBUG)
if not parse_result:
logger.log(u"Giving up because I'm unable to parse this name: "+name, logger.DEBUG)
return False
if not parse_result.series_name:
logger.log(u"No series name retrieved from "+name+", unable to cache it", logger.DEBUG)
return False
tvdb_lang = None
# if we need tvdb_id or tvrage_id then search the DB for them
if not tvdb_id or not tvrage_id:
# if we have only the tvdb_id, use the database
if tvdb_id:
showObj = helpers.findCertainShow(sickbeard.showList, tvdb_id)
if showObj:
tvrage_id = showObj.tvrid
tvdb_lang = showObj.lang
logger.log(u"We were given a TVDB id "+str(tvdb_id)+" but it doesn't match a show we have in our list, so leaving tvrage_id empty", logger.DEBUG)
tvrage_id = 0
# if we have only a tvrage_id then use the database
elif tvrage_id:
showObj = helpers.findCertainTVRageShow(sickbeard.showList, tvrage_id)
if showObj:
tvdb_id = showObj.tvdbid
tvdb_lang = showObj.lang
logger.log(u"We were given a TVRage id "+str(tvrage_id)+" but it doesn't match a show we have in our list, so leaving tvdb_id empty", logger.DEBUG)
tvdb_id = 0
# if they're both empty then fill out as much info as possible by searching the show name
# check the name cache and see if we already know what show this is
logger.log(u"Checking the cache to see if we already know the tvdb id of "+parse_result.series_name, logger.DEBUG)
tvdb_id = name_cache.retrieveNameFromCache(parse_result.series_name)
# remember if the cache lookup worked or not so we know whether we should bother updating it later
if tvdb_id == None:
logger.log(u"No cache results returned, continuing on with the search", logger.DEBUG)
from_cache = False
logger.log(u"Cache lookup found "+repr(tvdb_id)+", using that", logger.DEBUG)
from_cache = True
# if the cache failed, try looking up the show name in the database
if tvdb_id == None:
logger.log(u"Trying to look the show up in the show database", logger.DEBUG)
showResult = helpers.searchDBForShow(parse_result.series_name)
if showResult:
logger.log(parse_result.series_name+" was found to be show "+showResult[1]+" ("+str(showResult[0])+") in our DB.", logger.DEBUG)
tvdb_id = showResult[0]
# if the DB lookup fails then do a comprehensive regex search
if tvdb_id == None:
logger.log(u"Couldn't figure out a show name straight from the DB, trying a regex search instead", logger.DEBUG)
for curShow in sickbeard.showList:
if show_name_helpers.isGoodResult(name, curShow, False):
logger.log(u"Successfully matched "+name+" to "" with regex", logger.DEBUG)
tvdb_id = curShow.tvdbid
tvdb_lang = curShow.lang
# if tvdb_id was anything but None (0 or a number) then
if not from_cache:
name_cache.addNameToCache(parse_result.series_name, tvdb_id)
# if we came out with tvdb_id = None it means we couldn't figure it out at all, just use 0 for that
if tvdb_id == None:
tvdb_id = 0
# if we found the show then retrieve the show object
if tvdb_id:
showObj = helpers.findCertainShow(sickbeard.showList, tvdb_id)
if showObj:
tvrage_id = showObj.tvrid
tvdb_lang = showObj.lang
# if we weren't provided with season/episode information then get it from the name that we parsed
if not season:
season = parse_result.season_number if parse_result.season_number != None else 1
if not episodes:
episodes = parse_result.episode_numbers
# if we have an air-by-date show then get the real season/episode numbers
if parse_result.air_by_date and tvdb_id:
# There's gotta be a better way of doing this but we don't wanna
# change the language value elsewhere
ltvdb_api_parms = sickbeard.TVDB_API_PARMS.copy()
if not (tvdb_lang == "" or tvdb_lang == "en" or tvdb_lang == None):
ltvdb_api_parms['language'] = tvdb_lang
t = tvdb_api.Tvdb(**ltvdb_api_parms)
epObj = t[tvdb_id].airedOn(parse_result.air_date)[0]
season = int(epObj["seasonnumber"])
episodes = [int(epObj["episodenumber"])]
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_episodenotfound:
logger.log(u"Unable to find episode with date "+str(parse_result.air_date)+" for show "+parse_result.series_name+", skipping", logger.WARNING)
return False
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_error, e:
logger.log(u"Unable to contact TVDB: "+ex(e), logger.WARNING)
return False
episodeText = "|"+"|".join(map(str, episodes))+"|"
# get the current timestamp
curTimestamp = int(time.mktime(
if not quality:
quality = Quality.nameQuality(name)
myDB.action("INSERT INTO "+self.providerID+" (name, season, episodes, tvrid, tvdbid, url, time, quality) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)",
[name, season, episodeText, tvrage_id, tvdb_id, url, curTimestamp, quality])
def searchCache(self, episode, manualSearch=False):
neededEps = self.findNeededEpisodes(episode, manualSearch)
return neededEps[episode]
def listPropers(self, date=None, delimiter="."):
myDB = self._getDB()
sql = "SELECT * FROM "+self.providerID+" WHERE name LIKE '%.PROPER.%' OR name LIKE '%.REPACK.%'"
if date != None:
sql += " AND time >= "+str(int(time.mktime(date.timetuple())))
#return filter(lambda x: x['tvdbid'] != 0,
def findNeededEpisodes(self, episode = None, manualSearch=False):
neededEps = {}
if episode:
neededEps[episode] = []
myDB = self._getDB()
if not episode:
sqlResults ="SELECT * FROM "+self.providerID)
sqlResults ="SELECT * FROM "+self.providerID+" WHERE tvdbid = ? AND season = ? AND episodes LIKE ?", [, episode.season, "%|"+str(episode.episode)+"|%"])
# for each cache entry
for curResult in sqlResults:
# skip non-tv crap (but allow them for Newzbin cause we assume it's filtered well)
if self.providerID != 'newzbin' and not show_name_helpers.filterBadReleases(curResult["name"]):
# get the show object, or if it's not one of our shows then ignore it
showObj = helpers.findCertainShow(sickbeard.showList, int(curResult["tvdbid"]))
if not showObj:
# get season and ep data (ignoring multi-eps for now)
curSeason = int(curResult["season"])
if curSeason == -1:
curEp = curResult["episodes"].split("|")[1]
if not curEp:
curEp = int(curEp)
curQuality = int(curResult["quality"])
# if the show says we want that episode then add it to the list
if not showObj.wantEpisode(curSeason, curEp, curQuality, manualSearch):
logger.log(u"Skipping "+curResult["name"]+" because we don't want an episode that's "+Quality.qualityStrings[curQuality], logger.DEBUG)
if episode:
epObj = episode
epObj = showObj.getEpisode(curSeason, curEp)
# build a result object
title = curResult["name"]
url = curResult["url"]
logger.log(u"Found result " + title + " at " + url)
result = self.provider.getResult([epObj])
result.url = url = title
result.quality = curQuality
# add it to the list
if epObj not in neededEps:
neededEps[epObj] = [result]
return neededEps
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