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# -*- coding: latin-1 -*-
# Copyright (C) Martin Sjögren and AB Strakt 2001, All rights reserved
# Copyright (C) Jean-Paul Calderone 2008, All rights reserved
# This file is licenced under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1 or later (aka LGPL v2.1)
# Please see LGPL2.1.txt for more information
Certificate generation module.
from OpenSSL import crypto
import time
serial = int(time.time())
def createKeyPair(type, bits):
Create a public/private key pair.
Arguments: type - Key type, must be one of TYPE_RSA and TYPE_DSA
bits - Number of bits to use in the key
Returns: The public/private key pair in a PKey object
pkey = crypto.PKey()
pkey.generate_key(type, bits)
return pkey
def createCertRequest(pkey, digest="md5", **name):
Create a certificate request.
Arguments: pkey - The key to associate with the request
digest - Digestion method to use for signing, default is md5
**name - The name of the subject of the request, possible
arguments are:
C - Country name
ST - State or province name
L - Locality name
O - Organization name
OU - Organizational unit name
CN - Common name
emailAddress - E-mail address
Returns: The certificate request in an X509Req object
req = crypto.X509Req()
subj = req.get_subject()
for (key,value) in name.items():
setattr(subj, key, value)
req.sign(pkey, digest)
return req
def createCertificate(req, (issuerCert, issuerKey), serial, (notBefore, notAfter), digest="md5"):
Generate a certificate given a certificate request.
Arguments: req - Certificate reqeust to use
issuerCert - The certificate of the issuer
issuerKey - The private key of the issuer
serial - Serial number for the certificate
notBefore - Timestamp (relative to now) when the certificate
starts being valid
notAfter - Timestamp (relative to now) when the certificate
stops being valid
digest - Digest method to use for signing, default is md5
Returns: The signed certificate in an X509 object
cert = crypto.X509()
cert.sign(issuerKey, digest)
return cert
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