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# Author: Nic Wolfe <>
# URL:
# This file is part of Sick Beard.
# Sick Beard is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# Sick Beard is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Sick Beard. If not, see <>.
from __future__ import with_statement
import traceback
import sickbeard
from lib.tvdb_api import tvdb_exceptions, tvdb_api
from sickbeard.common import SKIPPED, WANTED
from import TVShow
from sickbeard import exceptions, logger, ui, db
from sickbeard import generic_queue
from sickbeard import name_cache
from sickbeard.exceptions import ex
class ShowQueue(generic_queue.GenericQueue):
def __init__(self):
self.queue_name = "SHOWQUEUE"
def _isInQueue(self, show, actions):
return show in [ for x in self.queue if x.action_id in actions]
def _isBeingSomethinged(self, show, actions):
return self.currentItem != None and show == and \
self.currentItem.action_id in actions
def isInUpdateQueue(self, show):
return self._isInQueue(show, (ShowQueueActions.UPDATE, ShowQueueActions.FORCEUPDATE))
def isInRefreshQueue(self, show):
return self._isInQueue(show, (ShowQueueActions.REFRESH,))
def isInRenameQueue(self, show):
return self._isInQueue(show, (ShowQueueActions.RENAME,))
def isBeingAdded(self, show):
return self._isBeingSomethinged(show, (ShowQueueActions.ADD,))
def isBeingUpdated(self, show):
return self._isBeingSomethinged(show, (ShowQueueActions.UPDATE, ShowQueueActions.FORCEUPDATE))
def isBeingRefreshed(self, show):
return self._isBeingSomethinged(show, (ShowQueueActions.REFRESH,))
def isBeingRenamed(self, show):
return self._isBeingSomethinged(show, (ShowQueueActions.RENAME,))
def _getLoadingShowList(self):
return [x for x in self.queue+[self.currentItem] if x != None and x.isLoading]
loadingShowList = property(_getLoadingShowList)
def updateShow(self, show, force=False):
if self.isBeingAdded(show):
raise exceptions.CantUpdateException("Show is still being added, wait until it is finished before you update.")
if self.isBeingUpdated(show):
raise exceptions.CantUpdateException("This show is already being updated, can't update again until it's done.")
if self.isInUpdateQueue(show):
raise exceptions.CantUpdateException("This show is already being updated, can't update again until it's done.")
if not force:
queueItemObj = QueueItemUpdate(show)
queueItemObj = QueueItemForceUpdate(show)
return queueItemObj
def refreshShow(self, show, force=False):
if self.isBeingRefreshed(show) and not force:
raise exceptions.CantRefreshException("This show is already being refreshed, not refreshing again.")
if (self.isBeingUpdated(show) or self.isInUpdateQueue(show)) and not force:
logger.log(u"A refresh was attempted but there is already an update queued or in progress. Since updates do a refres at the end anyway I'm skipping this request.", logger.DEBUG)
queueItemObj = QueueItemRefresh(show)
return queueItemObj
def renameShowEpisodes(self, show, force=False):
queueItemObj = QueueItemRename(show)
return queueItemObj
def addShow(self, tvdb_id, showDir, default_status=None, quality=None, flatten_folders=None, lang="en"):
queueItemObj = QueueItemAdd(tvdb_id, showDir, default_status, quality, flatten_folders, lang)
return queueItemObj
class ShowQueueActions:
names = {REFRESH: 'Refresh',
ADD: 'Add',
UPDATE: 'Update',
FORCEUPDATE: 'Force Update',
RENAME: 'Rename',
class ShowQueueItem(generic_queue.QueueItem):
Represents an item in the queue waiting to be executed
Can be either:
- show being added (may or may not be associated with a show object)
- show being refreshed
- show being updated
- show being force updated
def __init__(self, action_id, show):
generic_queue.QueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.names[action_id], action_id) = show
def isInQueue(self):
return self in sickbeard.showQueueScheduler.action.queue+[sickbeard.showQueueScheduler.action.currentItem] #@UndefinedVariable
def _getName(self):
return str(
def _isLoading(self):
return False
show_name = property(_getName)
isLoading = property(_isLoading)
class QueueItemAdd(ShowQueueItem):
def __init__(self, tvdb_id, showDir, default_status, quality, flatten_folders, lang):
self.tvdb_id = tvdb_id
self.showDir = showDir
self.default_status = default_status
self.quality = quality
self.flatten_folders = flatten_folders
self.lang = lang = None
# this will initialize to None
ShowQueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.ADD,
def _getName(self):
Returns the show name if there is a show object created, if not returns
the dir that the show is being added to.
if == None:
return self.showDir
show_name = property(_getName)
def _isLoading(self):
Returns True if we've gotten far enough to have a show object, or False
if we still only know the folder name.
if == None:
return True
return False
isLoading = property(_isLoading)
def execute(self):
logger.log(u"Starting to add show "+self.showDir)
# make sure the tvdb ids are valid
ltvdb_api_parms = sickbeard.TVDB_API_PARMS.copy()
if self.lang:
ltvdb_api_parms['language'] = self.lang
logger.log(u"TVDB: "+repr(ltvdb_api_parms))
t = tvdb_api.Tvdb(**ltvdb_api_parms)
s = t[self.tvdb_id]
# this usually only happens if they have an NFO in their show dir which gave us a TVDB ID that has no
# proper english version of the show
if not s or not s['seriesname']:
ui.notifications.error("Unable to add show", "Show in "+self.showDir+" has no name on TVDB, probably the wrong language. Delete .nfo and add manually in the correct language.")
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error contacting TVDB: "+ex(e), logger.ERROR)
ui.notifications.error("Unable to add show", "Unable to look up the show in "+self.showDir+" on TVDB, not using the NFO. Delete .nfo and add manually in the correct language.")
# clear the name cache
newShow = TVShow(self.tvdb_id, self.lang)
newShow.loadFromTVDB() = newShow
# set up initial values = self.showDir = self.quality if self.quality else sickbeard.QUALITY_DEFAULT = self.flatten_folders if self.flatten_folders != None else sickbeard.FLATTEN_FOLDERS_DEFAULT = False
# be smartish about this
if and "talk show" in = 1
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_exception, e:
logger.log(u"Unable to add show due to an error with TVDB: "+ex(e), logger.ERROR)
ui.notifications.error("Unable to add "+str(" due to an error with TVDB")
ui.notifications.error("Unable to add show due to an error with TVDB")
except exceptions.MultipleShowObjectsException:
logger.log(u"The show in " + self.showDir + " is already in your show list, skipping", logger.ERROR)
ui.notifications.error('Show skipped', "The show in " + self.showDir + " is already in your show list")
except Exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error trying to add show: "+ex(e), logger.ERROR)
logger.log(traceback.format_exc(), logger.DEBUG)
# add it to the show list
except Exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error searching dir for episodes: " + ex(e), logger.ERROR)
logger.log(traceback.format_exc(), logger.DEBUG)
except Exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error with TVDB, not creating episode list: " + ex(e), logger.ERROR)
logger.log(traceback.format_exc(), logger.DEBUG)
except Exception, e:
logger.log(u"Error saving the episode to the database: " + ex(e), logger.ERROR)
logger.log(traceback.format_exc(), logger.DEBUG)
# if they gave a custom status then change all the eps to it
if self.default_status != SKIPPED:
logger.log(u"Setting all episodes to the specified default status: "+str(self.default_status))
myDB = db.DBConnection();
myDB.action("UPDATE tv_episodes SET status = ? WHERE status = ? AND showid = ? AND season != 0", [self.default_status, SKIPPED,])
# if they started with WANTED eps then run the backlog
if self.default_status == WANTED:
logger.log(u"Launching backlog for this show since its episodes are WANTED")
sickbeard.backlogSearchScheduler.action.searchBacklog([]) #@UndefinedVariable
def _finishEarly(self):
if != None:
class QueueItemRefresh(ShowQueueItem):
def __init__(self, show=None):
ShowQueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.REFRESH, show)
# do refreshes first because they're quick
self.priority = generic_queue.QueuePriorities.HIGH
def execute(self):
logger.log(u"Performing refresh on "
self.inProgress = False
class QueueItemRename(ShowQueueItem):
def __init__(self, show=None):
ShowQueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.RENAME, show)
def execute(self):
logger.log(u"Performing rename on " +
show_loc =
except exceptions.ShowDirNotFoundException:
logger.log(u"Can't perform rename on " + + " when the show dir is missing.", logger.WARNING)
ep_obj_rename_list = []
ep_obj_list =
for cur_ep_obj in ep_obj_list:
# Only want to rename if we have a location
if cur_ep_obj.location:
if cur_ep_obj.relatedEps:
# do we have one of multi-episodes in the rename list already
have_already = False
for cur_related_ep in cur_ep_obj.relatedEps + [cur_ep_obj]:
if cur_related_ep in ep_obj_rename_list:
have_already = True
if not have_already:
for cur_ep_obj in ep_obj_rename_list:
self.inProgress = False
class QueueItemUpdate(ShowQueueItem):
def __init__(self, show=None):
ShowQueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.UPDATE, show)
self.force = False
def execute(self):
logger.log(u"Beginning update of "
logger.log(u"Retrieving show info from TVDB", logger.DEBUG)
try: self.force)
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_error, e:
logger.log(u"Unable to contact TVDB, aborting: "+ex(e), logger.WARNING)
# get episode list from DB
logger.log(u"Loading all episodes from the database", logger.DEBUG)
DBEpList =
# get episode list from TVDB
logger.log(u"Loading all episodes from theTVDB", logger.DEBUG)
TVDBEpList = self.force)
except tvdb_exceptions.tvdb_exception, e:
logger.log(u"Unable to get info from TVDB, the show info will not be refreshed: "+ex(e), logger.ERROR)
TVDBEpList = None
if TVDBEpList == None:
logger.log(u"No data returned from TVDB, unable to update this show", logger.ERROR)
# for each ep we found on TVDB delete it from the DB list
for curSeason in TVDBEpList:
for curEpisode in TVDBEpList[curSeason]:
logger.log(u"Removing "+str(curSeason)+"x"+str(curEpisode)+" from the DB list", logger.DEBUG)
if curSeason in DBEpList and curEpisode in DBEpList[curSeason]:
del DBEpList[curSeason][curEpisode]
# for the remaining episodes in the DB list just delete them from the DB
for curSeason in DBEpList:
for curEpisode in DBEpList[curSeason]:
logger.log(u"Permanently deleting episode "+str(curSeason)+"x"+str(curEpisode)+" from the database", logger.MESSAGE)
curEp =, curEpisode)
except exceptions.EpisodeDeletedException:
# now that we've updated the DB from TVDB see if there's anything we can add from TVRage
logger.log(u"Attempting to supplement show info with info from TVRage", logger.DEBUG)
if == 0:
sickbeard.showQueueScheduler.action.refreshShow(, True) #@UndefinedVariable
class QueueItemForceUpdate(QueueItemUpdate):
def __init__(self, show=None):
ShowQueueItem.__init__(self, ShowQueueActions.FORCEUPDATE, show)
self.force = True
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