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# PROVIDE: sickbeard
# KEYWORD: shutdown
# Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf.local or /etc/rc.conf
# to enable this service:
# sickbeard_enable (bool): Set to NO by default.
# Set it to YES to enable it.
# sickbeard_user: The user account Sick Beard daemon runs as what
# you want it to be. It uses '_sabnzbd' user by
# default. Do not sets it as empty or it will run
# as root.
# sickbeard_dir: Directory where Sick Beard lives.
# Default: /usr/local/sickbeard
# sickbeard_chdir: Change to this directory before running Sick Beard.
# Default is same as sickbeard_dir.
# sickbeard_pid: The name of the pidfile to create.
# Default is in sickbeard_dir.
# sickbeard_host: The hostname or IP Sick Beard is listening on
# Default is
# sickbeard_port: The port Sick Beard is listening on
# Default is 8081
# sickbeard_web_user: Username to authenticate to the Sick Beard web interface
# Default is an empty string (no username)
# sickbeard_web_password: Password to authenticate to the Sick Beard web interface
# Default is an empty string (no password)
. /etc/rc.subr
load_rc_config ${name}
: ${sickbeard_enable:="NO"}
: ${sickbeard_user:="_sabnzbd"}
: ${sickbeard_dir:="/usr/local/sickbeard"}
: ${sickbeard_chdir:="${sickbeard_dir}"}
: ${sickbeard_pid:="${sickbeard_dir}/"}
: ${sickbeard_host:=""}
: ${sickbeard_port:="8081"}
: ${sickbeard_web_user:=""}
: ${sickbeard_web_password:=""}
WGET="/usr/local/bin/wget" # You need wget for this script to safely shutdown Sick Beard.
command_args="-f -p ${sickbeard_pid} python ${sickbeard_dir}/ --quiet --nolaunch"
# Check for wget and refuse to start without it.
if [ ! -x "${WGET}" ]; then
warn "Sickbeard not started: You need wget to safely shut down Sick Beard."
exit 1
# Ensure user is root when running this script.
if [ `id -u` != "0" ]; then
echo "Oops, you should be root before running this!"
exit 1
verify_sickbeard_pid() {
# Make sure the pid corresponds to the Sick Beard process.
pid=`cat ${sickbeard_pid} 2>/dev/null`
ps -p ${pid} 2>/dev/null | grep -q "python ${sickbeard_dir}/"
return $?
# Try to stop Sick Beard cleanly by calling shutdown over http.
sickbeard_stop() {
echo "Stopping $name"
${WGET} -O - -q --user=${sickbeard_web_user} --password=${sickbeard_web_password} "http://${sickbeard_host}:${sickbeard_port}/home/shutdown/" >/dev/null
if [ -n "${pid}" ]; then
wait_for_pids ${pid}
echo "Stopped"
sickbeard_status() {
verify_sickbeard_pid && echo "$name is running as ${pid}" || echo "$name is not running"
run_rc_command "$1"