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Updates to include timezone offset in coming episodes and related configuration. #2

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chaosloth commented Oct 5, 2010

Please note that that the this version of SB now depends on pytz

Refer http://www.sickbeard.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=127

For screen shots, bugfixes


Smenus commented on a40fc18 Oct 4, 2010

Given that USER_AGENT is defined as 'Sick Beard/alpha2' at line 24 of common.py, I'd say this might not be necessary...


chaosloth replied Oct 19, 2010

Thanks Smenus - I see that this has been fixed in a later version, cheers


midgetspy commented Oct 12, 2010

OK I will get around to this soon, promise :0)


ghost commented Jan 19, 2011

i would love time-zone


thezoggy commented Mar 18, 2011

timezones is on hold until the new tvdb site is launched. or until tvrage api supports it.


ghost commented Mar 21, 2011

in other words: never



midgetspy commented Mar 21, 2011

Actually SB will have timezone support sometime, it's available on tvrage... probably before the new TVDB site ;-P


ghost commented Mar 21, 2011

Nice, because the new TVDB site is never gonna happen, lol

@ycros ycros referenced this pull request in ycros/Sick-Beard May 3, 2011

@lad1337 lad1337 Merge pull request #2 from ycros/myAnime.
Fixed post-processing for scene excepted shows.

thezoggy commented Sep 8, 2011

this pull request is pretty much dead in the water. needs to be redone..

bjeanes commented Sep 21, 2011


To bring new life into this pull request: can the website trakt.tv be used for this? On their website they managed to make it work, for your personal calendar all the air times are set to your own time zone. They have a usable API for the calendar, can that somehow be used to work for this pull request?


kierr commented Feb 28, 2012



EDIT: As Zoggy so succinctly put it, as only he can, "this isn't going to happen", so how about you close this pull request if you have no intention of actioning it, to at least stop other people getting their hopes up?

It appears to be the 4th most requested feature though. Priorities can be a little strange on this project, as much as I love it.


thezoggy commented Mar 27, 2012

there is a lot more to doing this properly than some arbitrary offset.you have to factor in changing the actual date as well at times. on top of this.. the source data from tvdb sometimes is not even there or just all sorts of incorrect. that field is just a text field with nothing being validated or sanitized.. its been talked about time and time again on googlecode and the forums. there was a pull request 2 years ago for this but it never went anywhere. it was actually part of sb (the config > timezone page) but the implementation was less than desirable. 'we' have been hoping that the new tvdb site (which has been in dev forever now..) to take care of this issue. if the data was in UTC/GMT then everything would really simple. also.. tvdb uses a timeslot for the show.. not the actual ep. which is what matters honestly. because when a show changes timeslots.. or airs an ep out of their normal time.. sb has no clue.. anyways regardless of all of this. this pull request is so old.. so many merge conflicts would happen. along with the fact that there are multiple features in this one pull request.. which just makes things even more of a pita to pull and test. its just honestly not worth the time even mess with it.

Fair enough.

I suppose what I don't understand is that right now, SB either gets, or has a guess at the day (I don't really care about the time too much) that the episode is airing, and for the most part it's correct. From my point of view (which I understand is coming from somewhere that doesn't have all the facts), I would have thought it possible to just change the "display" date of the show, but not touch the "actual" date of the show that sickbeard is going off.

Can we not have two variables (this probably isn't how it's done, but I'm sure you'll get what I mean), so we have for example:

airdate - which is the date that sickbeard is assuming the episode is airing on (however it gets that info), and this is the way that it currently works (you know what I mean)

and then

offsetdate - which is simply airdate +10 (or whatever)

So for all intents and purposes, nothing changes for sickbeard in the inner workings as it always uses "airdate" for it's calculations. It's just that it now uses "offsetdate" in a superficial way only, to display to the user.

Does that make sense?

So when doing calculations, use airdate. When pushing that calc to the GUI, use offsetdate.

It's hacky, but it achieves it's purpose in that for people outside of the US (or in the wrong timezone in the US), the coming episodes show on the actual date rather than a day ahead (which is what happens here in Australia).

Right now, it's the 28th of March. In the US, it's still the 27th, so all the coming episodes go into "missing" a day early.

Aaaanyway, I hope all that makes sense. We don't really need sickbeard to change the way it works, we just need it to display something different to the actual dates it's using.

pdf commented Apr 20, 2012

So, tell us what we need to do to make this happen - for all of us that are affected by this, a best-effort approach would be more than acceptable: data doesn't exist on tvdb, fine, that show gets scheduled wrong, rather than every show being scheduled wrong. Waiting for thetvdb's new code is obviously not a viable option.

A perfect solution is not necessary here - an incremental improvement would be greatly appreciated. If devs can agree that best-effort code will be accepted, I'll spend some time to make this happen. There's obviously no point wasting time on code that will not be merged.

Do not see this as an attempt to bump an old thread, but since I'm from Norway, I would personally prefer having some sort of time zone corrections applied :) Would benefit quite a bit, to see when they air, and not get the "missed" several hours before the episode even ran.

Good luck!

Agree, this deserves a bump actually. It'd be great to have time zone offsets to reflect the Air Time in the current time zone.


thezoggy commented Oct 6, 2012

while yes i do agree it would be nice to have timezone offset in sb. we really cant provide this until the data being served up from tvdb is reliable and sanitized. and honestly.. we need ep info.. not show info..

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