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I've added a migration for the database and config.ini, and everything appears to be working correctly.

@unikitty37 unikitty37 Add 1080i HD TV support
Add support for HD TV (1080i) category.
Rename existing HD TV to HD TV (720p/1080p).
Add 1080i to ANY preset.
Migrate database and config file.

You also need to migrate episode statuses which can include qualities (downloaded/snatched). Also we would need to do a check that if somebody has ANY selected that we update their quality to include 1080i or else all their shows will magically turn into "Custom" quality since the preset has changed.

unikitty37 added some commits Mar 6, 2012
@unikitty37 unikitty37 Add hdtv1080i to ANY in API builder
This got missed out on previous commit.
@unikitty37 unikitty37 Update status of existing episodes b8cec11
@unikitty37 unikitty37 Handle ANY when updating qualities
HD doesn't get updated as we haven't added 1080i to that definition.

So this only works on Newzbin, correct? Have you tried any other providers?


tried this out tonight. found some 1080i releases but would not find anything. also this pull broke the backlog overview page


this is no longer needed since we added the the 1080p stuff awhile ago. please close

@midgetspy midgetspy closed this Jun 23, 2013
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