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SanitizeFileName also removes / and \ bad for creating subfolders #500

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I am sorry, made a mistake.
'Reverted' the change on _format_string
While using SanitizeFileName on the endresult solves the dot problem on filenames,
it also removes / and \ in the endresult. Creating another issue.

For now it's better to keep multi subdirs functionality and find another way to solve the dot issue.

@midgetspy midgetspy merged commit 6b1b8c4 into midgetspy:development
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@@ -1506,10 +1506,10 @@ def _format_string(self, pattern, replace_map):
# do the replacements
for cur_replacement in sorted(replace_map.keys(), reverse=True):
- result_name = result_name.replace(cur_replacement, replace_map[cur_replacement])
- result_name = result_name.replace(cur_replacement.lower(), replace_map[cur_replacement].lower())
+ result_name = result_name.replace(cur_replacement, helpers.sanitizeFileName(replace_map[cur_replacement]))
+ result_name = result_name.replace(cur_replacement.lower(), helpers.sanitizeFileName(replace_map[cur_replacement].lower()))
- return helpers.sanitizeFileName(result_name)
+ return result_name
def _format_pattern(self, pattern=None, multi=None):
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