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How to add exceptions

  1. Check TVDB

    • get the TVDB ID of the show
    • search for any similar shows that could conflict, note them
  2. Check NewzNab provider

    • find all scene names of the correct show
    • find any shows which may conflict because of similar names
  3. Fixup scene names from step 2

    • for each scene name turn it back into a show name. This means adding back parentheses, apostrophes, ampersands, colons, exclamation marks, and question marks. eg. Shows.Name.2010 -> Show's Name! (2010) (since SB will turn that back into Shows.Name.2010)

Remember that this list appends the TVDB name, thus there is no need to include it.

Exceptions should be of the format:

  tvdb_id: 'Name 1', 'Name 2', ..., 'Name N'

Apostrophes inside the show name should be escaped with a backslash ('Show's Name').