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MIDI2vec: Learning Embeddings for MIDI Vector Space Representations

Compute graph embeddings from MIDI.

This library is described in detail in the following paper (bib)

Lisena P., Meroño-Peñuela A. & Troncy R. MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI Embeddings for Reliable Prediction of Symbolic Music Metadata. In Semantic Web Journal, Special issue on Deep Learning for Knowledge Graphs, vol.13, no.3, pp. 357-377, IOSPress, 6 April 2022

The experiments described in the paper are available here.

Pre-computed MIDI embeddings used in the paper are available in Zenodo.


The library is composed by 2 parts.


Convert a MIDI file into a graph, in edgelist format.

Requires Node.js:

cd midi2edgelist

npm install

node index.js -i <midi_folder>

Optional arguments:

  • -i, --input. Input directory containing MIDI files. REQUIRED
  • -o, --output Output directory for the edgelists. Default: ./edgelist
  • -n, --note-groups Number of groups of simultaneous notes to be taken in account for each MIDI. For example, -n 300 uses the first 300 groups. Default: all.

The output is formed by 4 edgelist (notes, program, tempo and time signature) and a csv containing the mapping between the file names and the given identifiers.


It uses node2vec for computing the embeddings from the egelists.

It requires Python 3.8.

pip install -r edgelist2vec/requirements.txt

python edgelist2vec/

Optional arguments:

  • -i, --input Input graph (edgelists) path. Default: .\edgelist;
  • -o, --output Output file name. Default: embeddings.bin;
  • --walk_length Length of walk per source. Default: 10;
  • --num_walks Number of walks per source. Default: 40;
  • -p Return hyper-parameter (as in node2vec). Default: 1;
  • -q Inout hyper-parameter (as in node2vec). Default: 1;
  • --dimensions Number of dimensions. Default: 100;
  • --window-size Context size for optimization. Default: 5;
  • --iter Number of epochs in word2vec. Default: 5;
  • --workers Number of parallel workers. Default: 0 (full use);
  • --exclude Edgelists to be excluded from the computation.