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Firmware changes

Now depending on your computer motherboard make sure of:

For Desktops:

  • XHCI Handoff: Enabled (if applicable, some may not have this option)
  • OS Type: Other (if applicable)
  • Secure Boot: Disabled (refer to google or your motherboard's manual on how to disable it)
  • Legacy/CSM support: Disabled [if you see a garbled screen, enable this]
  • If you have an Nvidia/AMD GPU:
    • NO DISPLAY is connected to the motherboard's DP/HDMI/VGA/DVI ports
    • under System Agent (SA) [or some other menu], Graphics Settings, Main Display: PEG or PCIE
    • Disable anything like: Hybrid Graphics, Dual Graphics, DVMT size ... that are related to Intel GPU
  • If you have Intel GPU:
    • make sure your DVMT pre-alloc (not to be confused with DVMT size), is set to 64MB (or higher, 64 is enough), DMVT size/apertures/whatever, to the max.

For laptops:

  • make sure you have Secure Boot Disabled
  • TMP/Security Chips/Security modules Disabled (if possible, it may be enabled later on)
  • DVMT-prealloc to 64MB (if possible, not to be confused with DVMT size/aperture/whatever, however it may be seen as Graphics Memory)
  • move from RAID/IDE to AHCI (if applicable)
  • Disable the external GPU (if possible)
  • Enable USB Legacy support (on some cases)
  • Disable fast boot
  • Disable LAN/WLAN/WWAN boot/wake
  • Disable USB wake
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