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The MidiGurdy is an electronic hurdy-gurdy. More information about the instrument can be found on and the support forum at

The repositories in this organization contain all the source code, configuration and sounds used on the instrument. The code is split across multiple repositories:

This repository - midigurdy/midigurdy - does not contain any source code and is only used for documentation, wiki and issue tracker.

Reporting Bugs or Feature Requests

If you notice a bug in any of the different components, please use the issue tracker in this repository.

If you have a new feature you would like to propose, please use the forum at to discuss it with the other MidiGurdy users first.

Building from source

The MidiGurdy build-process uses buildroot to cross-compile all code for the ARM architecture. The following is a short introduction on how to compile it yourself or a recent Debian or Ubuntu system.

  1. Make sure you have all required packages installed:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y git wget file python cpio unzip rsync bc build-essential \
          ca-certificates device-tree-compiler libncurses5-dev cmake npm libcap-dev imagemagick

  1. Create a base-directory for all MidiGurdy related files:
mkdir ~/mgurdy
cd ~/mgurdy
  1. Check out the midigurdy/mg-build repository:
git clone
  1. Create and configure the build environment:
mg-build/scripts/ mg-build build
  1. Switch to build environment and start the build
cd build/output
  1. Sit back and wait for the build to finish... depending on your machine this will take between 30 minutes and a few hours.

  2. Create the firmware update image

~/mgurdy/mg-build/scripts/ ~/mgurdy/build/output/images

You will end up with a midigurdy-X.X.X.swu update file which you can store onto a USB stick and use to update the instrument.


The main repository of the MidiGurdy - The Electronic Hurdy-Gurdy



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