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A Hapijs plugin for MaxMind GeoIP2 Web Service.
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This is a Hapijs plugin for MaxMind GeoIP2 Web Service.


  • decorate: a string, defaults to maxmind if not specified. This is the identifier in hapi's server.decorate() call when registering the plugin. Once specified, you can reference the following attributes:

    • request.decorate_string.client
    • request.decorate_string.lib
    • server.decorate_string.client
    • server.decorate_string.lib

    where lib is exposed through the plugin (require('@maxmind/geoip2-node').WebServiceClient)

  • userId: a numeric string, your maxmind userId

  • licenseKey: a token string, your maxmind licenseKey


See example.js for example.

Other thoughts

I would suggest that caching is enabled for the query results from using this plugin because Maxmind bills by the number of queries - regardless if you query for the same IPs or not. Based on the information from a support representative from Maxmind, they update their databases weekly on Tuesdays, so it makes sense to cache the results for a duration that works for you.

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