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small fix to correct the FileServlet authentication exception (which …

…was preventing the image upload and retrieval from working) and correction to the ProfileManager for retrieving Profiles when ACL rules are not set
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1 parent 3302b6e commit 446434930d456e0582600733fb14e56e26f576e1 Diana Cheng committed Aug 16, 2010
4 src/java/org/onesocialweb/openfire/manager/
@@ -88,6 +88,10 @@ public Profile getProfile(String requestorJID, String targetJID) throws UserNotF
boolean canSee=false;
List<AclRule> rules= field.getAclRules();
+ //this is a patch, so that the profile and its fields can be retrieved even when the acl rules where not set...
+ // currently the DB has many profiles without any ACL rules, which retrieves empty profiles...
+ if (rules.isEmpty())
+ canSee=true;
for (AclRule rule: rules)
if ((rule.hasAction(viewAction)) && (AclManager.canSee(targetJID, rule, requestorJID)))
8 src/java/org/onesocialweb/openfire/web/
@@ -218,8 +218,12 @@ public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {
// Exclude this servlet from requering the user to login
- AuthCheckFilter.addExclude("osw-openfire-plugin");
- }
+ AuthCheckFilter.addExclude("osw-openfire-plugin");
+ AuthCheckFilter.addExclude("osw-openfire-plugin/file/");
+ AuthCheckFilter.addExclude("osw-openfire-plugin/form.html");
+ }
private File getTempFolder() {
final String tempPath = JiveGlobals.getProperty("onesocialweb.path.temp");

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