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Wrap Console Log

This extension wraps the word near your cursor and replaces it as an argument for console.log.

Key features

  • Optimized for keyboard use
  • No selection needed
  • Wrap and replace for fast logging
  • Doesn't break indent
  • Can log variables with and without prefixed text
  • Supports custom prefix

Type the variable to log


Log the variable on cursor


Type and log it as a string


Keep your indents


Use custom prefix


The fastest way to log your variables! Type it and press Ctrl+Alt+W + W.

Another way to console.log your variables is to simply place your mouse cursor on them and then wrap them on the line below with Ctrl+Alt+W + Down or the line above with Ctrl+Alt+W + Up.

Does the keyboard shortcuts seem to complex? Don't worry, they feel way more comfortable than they look. :)

Also, you are free to rebind all keyboard shortcuts as you want in your workspace and user settings files. :)

Keyboard shortcuts

Log as string

Replace the word on your cursor or the selected text

  • Alt+Shift+W + W
OBS: If the string to log contains spaces you need to select the whole string

Log on current line

Replace the variable on the mouse cursor

Wrap and replace

  • Ctrl+Alt+W + W

With prefix

  • Ctrl+Alt+W + Ctrl+Alt+W

With prefix (show input box)

  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W + Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W

Insert down

Insert console.log on the line below


  • Ctrl+Alt+W + Down

With prefix

  • Ctrl+Alt+W + Ctrl+Alt+Down

With prefix (show input box)

  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W + Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down

Insert up

Insert console.log on the line above


  • Ctrl+Alt+W + Up

With prefix

  • Ctrl+Alt+W + Ctrl+Alt+Up

With prefix (show input box)

  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W + Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up