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A basic C sharp library to help you hash quickly and conveniently
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Making Hashing Simpler in C Sharp
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This is a simple project in which it make hashing simpler and cleaner in your own code bases. This is not intended to be a complex project however it may grow in the next period.


EasyHash comes with an Interface (Midnite81.EasyHash.Contracts.IHasher) should you wish to bind it with the concrete class (Midnite81.EasyHash.Hasher).

Creating a Hash

To make the hashing process more secure the Salt, unless specified, is randomly generated to make the process more secure.

public void CreateAHash()
    var hasher = new Hasher();

    Hash generatedHash = hasher.MakeHash("password");
    // you will need to save both the hash string and salt string to the database, 
    // so that when you come to check them you're able to pass both to the verify function

Generating a salt

public void GenerateSalt()
    var hasher = new Hasher();

     Salt generatedSalt = hasher.GenerateSalt(24);
    // returns Salt
    // generatedSalt.String is the base64 string you can store in the database should you wish
    // generatedSalt.Bytes is the array of bytes which form the salt

Verifying a hash

public void CheckHashesMatch()
    var hasher = new Hasher();

    byte[] salt = hasher.ConvertStringToBytes(GetUsersSaltFromDatabase());
    byte[] hash = hasher.ConvertStringToBytes(GetUsersHashFromDatabase());

    bool compare = hasher.VerifyHash("password_I_want_to_check", salt, hash);

    if (compare)
        // they matched
        // they didn't match
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