A package to convert XML to an Array with the inbuilt ability to convert to Json, Laravel Collection and Serialize
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Package based on gaarf/XML-string-to-PHP-array


To install through composer include the package in your composer.json.

"midnite81/xml2array": "^1.0.0"

Run composer install or composer update to download the dependencies or you can run composer require midnite81/xml2array.

Example usage:

use Midnite81\Xml2Array\Xml2Array;

$xml = Xml2Array::create($someXmlString);
// or $xml = (new Xml2Array())->convert($someXmlString);

If the string is invalid then an IncorrectFormatException will be thrown, otherwise an XmlResponse class will be returned.

You can access the XmlResponse class like an array, as such:

echo $xml['result'];

Other methods include:

Method Description
$xml->toArray(); Returns the array
$xml->toJson(); Returns as JSON
$xml->toCollection() Returns as Laravel Collection*
$xml->serialize() Returns the array serialized
$xml->serialise() Alias of above
  • It will throw an exception if you try to run $xml->toCollection() but you do not have the collect helper available.