Midonet 5.2.0 Release Notes

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Overview of the release

This is the seventh release of the MidoNet project.

The focus of this release is on multi-sites support; many improvements and features are included, see the details in the Features section of the release notes.

Code packages

Important Note: MidoNet now depends on Java 8.

URL of the repositories:

Package Version (Ubuntu) Version (Red Hat)
python-midonetclient 5.2.0 5.2.0-0.1
quagga 0.99.23-0.el7.midokura
zkdump 1.03 1.03-1
zookeeper 3.4.5+dfsg-1 3.4.5-1
midolman 5.2.0 5.2.0-0.1
midonet-api 5.2.0 5.2.0-0.1
python-neutron-plugin-midonet 2015.1.4 2015.1.4-1
openjdk-8-jre-headless 8u45-b14-1~14.04 -
java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless -

Recommended platforms

Operating System OpenStack MidoNet
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Liberty MidoNet 5.2.0
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Mitaka MidoNet 5.2.0
CentOS 7 Liberty MidoNet 5.2.0
CentOS 7 Mitaka MidoNet 5.2.0
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Liberty MidoNet 5.2.0
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Mitaka MidoNet 5.2.0

Those are the platforms that were tested; MidoNet might work with other distributions or Openstack versions, we would love to hear your experience.

Upgrade path

MidoNet can be upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2 and from 5.1 to 5.2.

Feature list

BGP on Interior Ports

In MidoNet 5.1, we introduced router peering allowing to peer routers in different MidoNet deployments. We extended our BGP support to provide routes on interior ports, in particular when using router peering so that the configuration of routes is learned dynamically when created in one location.

VLAN-based Layer 2 Gateway

This release introduces an extension to Neutron that lets you extend a Neutron network into the physical network by mapping a VLAN ID to a network.

FWaaS logging

It is now possible to log the FW actions (DROPs…); these logs are in particular useful for debugging and audit purposes. They can be collected in standard logging or analytics tools.

VPNaaS Improvements

MidoNet 5.1 supports VPNaaS, this new versions introduces improvements to the VPNaaS and in particular clever scheduling of the VPN service for better redundancy and planned maintenances.

Memory usage improvements

MidoNet 5.2 introduces several improvements reducing memory usage of the MidoNet agent by 75%.

Known issues

See the list of open bugs in Jira.

Fixed issues

See the list of fixed bugs in Jira.


Date Milestone
June 30, 2016 Release
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