This is a dynamic alexa skill using ruby on lambda
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This is a dynamic Alexa skill using ruby on lambda.

Skill Setup

(This part expects you to have written a skill before. When I have time I will update with full instructions.)

  • Setup a new Alexa Skill, Ruby Lambda, and connect them.
  • In the lambda change the rss_url inside SiteRssParser class to the feed you want.
  • Update @application_id_check inside the lambda_handler with your skill id.
  • Add your intents
    • If you create a next intent in the Alexa developer portal, you need to create an on_next method in your lambda.
  • End this on_ method with a response.
    • In this lambda I only used speak_text, so I not sure if the other methods work.
    • response.speak_text("see ya!") will have Alexa say "see ya!" and end the skill.
    • response.speak_text("keep going?", false) will have Alexa say "keep going?" and keep the skill open.
    • response.speak_text("see ya!", false, {'step': 5}) will have Alexa act the same as the previous and add 'step': 5 to the session attribute
      • You can retrieve this attribute by using @session_attributes['step']

This is adapted code, check out the original by Ryan Cunningham at

There is a beautiful hello-world-alexa example which will show you how to chain response methods.


  • Condensed it into one file and updated the lambda handler.
  • Updated the Amazon intents. There are a few necessary intents and now those are included with simple phrases.
  • Gave 'speak_text' method 2 optional parameters. First is end session and second is session attribute object. These will be explained in use section.
  • Edited class variables
  • Added and RSS Parser

Big Thanks

This wouldn't have been possible without Ryan's code!