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Space Engineers Toolbox

A toolbox utility for modifying and importing content in the Space Engineers Game.

The primary focus of the Toolbox is to allow importing of images and 3D models, and editing of save game content.

Created by Mid-Space productions. Est. 1993

Currently dead as of 2019-08-23 due to changes in the major game update containing Economy.

The Space Engineers Game is Copyright Keen Software House. For more details on the game, please visit the following links.


Before asking any question please read the documentation (FAQ) first as your question may have already been answered.


  • Currently documented issues are listed here.
  • Please submit any new issues here here.


If you are interested in fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see our document on working with and developing SEToolbox.


This application contains code expressly licenced to it, and should not be used in any other application without the permission of Keen Software House.

The Space Engineers logo was sourced from under creative commons.

-/- / SEToolbox was started in 2013 soon after Space Engineers was released for Early Access, and has been worked on in my free time. There is no requirement for any individual to donate.

Maintainence only

I midspace have stopped working on Space Engineers related stuff. I will only be fixing issues that cause SEToolbox to crash. I won't be adding or enhancing any further features. There is a lengthy post here on the Keen forums about this decision. I'm open to other developers taking over, or at least contributing further to SEToolbox.

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