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Welcome to the Space-Engineers-Admin-script-mod wiki!

For the latest published version of the Admin script mod, please subscribe to it on its Steam Community page.

The Admin helper commands for both single player and multiplayer, are a set of script chat commands that you can quickly type in to perform an action that is not generally available in game. Including position, motd, prefabs, antigrief, faction, message management, and much much more.

Press 'Enter' in game to open the chat box, and type a command like "/pos" to display your position.

In single player, almost all of the commands are available for use. In multiplayer most commands are available to the Admin only, whilst a few are available to normal players, unless a particular player has been granted special permission to access a chat command.

Whilst in game, at any time the commands "/?" or "/help" may be used to get a list of available commands, and "/help " to get detailed information about a particular command.

A full list of current commands is available in the following pages.

User chat commands

User commands /chat, /date, /head, /hello, /motd, /pos, /range, /status, /settings, /time

Single player/Admin only chat commands

Player management Admin /status, /eject, /slay, /smite, /forceban, /forcekick, /pardon
Movement/position management Admin /j, /setvector, /flyto, /back, /speed, /to, /tp, /tpx, /tps, /tpp, /tpfav, /tpsave, /tpdel, /tplist
Inventory management Admin /countobjects, /pullobjects, /collectobjects, /drop, /invadd, /invins, /invinsert, /invclear
Ship management Admin /builtby, /listprefabs, /addprefab, /addwireframe, /listships, /listships2, /stop, /off, /on, /claim, /repair, /revoke, /share, /destructible, /deleteship, /scaledown, /scaleup, /switch, /cuberenumber, /cuberename
Faction management Admin /fd, /fj, /fk, /fr, /fp, /fa
Asteroid management Admin /listasteroids, /listplanets, /deleteplanet, /rotateroid, /createroid, /createroidsphere, /listvoxels, /addvoxel, /scanore
NPC management Admin /listbots, /addwolf, /addspider
Session management Admin /copypaste, /creative, /spectator, /weapons, /cyberhounds, /spiders
Miscellaneous Admin /id, /detail, /bomb, /meteor, /save, /stopall, /suntrack

Multiplayer functionality

Message of the day (motd) & server configuration. Servers, both dedicated and hosted can provide a message of the day that appears when a player first spawns into your game.
/motd, /cfg, /config
Private messaging Players can send private messages to one another.
/msg, @, /tell, @@, @@@, @@@@, @@@@@, @?
Permissions Access levels can be applied to individual users or groups of users on a server, including disabling commands.
/permission, /perm
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