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Upload easily a folder to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
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s3 folder upload

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Little script to upload statics to a S3 bucket by using official Amazon SDK.

AWS Credentials

In order to use this module, you'll need to have AWS Credentials. You can load them, two ways:

  • By passing directly to the method as second parameter.
  • By having a ENV variable with the path to a file with the credentials. The ENV variable is AWS_CREDENTIALS_PATH and it should have accessKeyId, secretAccessKey, region and bucket.


npm install s3-folder-upload -D

In case you want to use the CLI, you can install it globally:

npx s3-folder-upload


const s3UploadFolder = require('s3-folder-upload')
// ES6: import s3UploadFolder from 's3-folder-upload'

const directoryName = 'statics'
// I strongly recommend to save your credentials on a JSON or ENV variables, or command line args
const credentials = {
  "accessKeyId": "<Your Access Key Id>",
  "secretAccessKey": "<Your Secret Access Key>",
  "region": "<Your Aimed Region>",
  "bucket": "<Your Bucket Name>"

// optional options to be passed as parameter to the method
const options = {
  useFoldersForFileTypes: false,
  useIAMRoleCredentials: false

// optional cloudfront invalidation rule
const invalidation = {
    awsDistributionId: "<Your CloudFront Distribution Id>",
    awsInvalidationPath: "<The Path to Invalidate>"

s3FolderUpload(directoryName, credentials, options, invalidation)


useFoldersForFileTypes (default: true) - Upload files to a specific subdirectory according to its file type.

useIAMRoleCredentials (default: false) - It will ignore all the credentials passed via parameters or environment variables in order to use the instance IAM credentials profile.

uploadFolder (default: undefined) - If it's specified, the statics will be uploaded to the folder, so if you upload static.js to with a uploadFolder with value my-statics the file will be uploaded to:


s3-folder-upload <folder>

s3-folder-upload statics

For the AWS Credentials

  • you can define a ENV variable called AWS_CREDENTIALS_PATH with the path of the file with the needed info.
  • you can pass the needed info via command line parameters:
    s3-folder-upload <folder> --accessKeyId=<your access key id> --bucket=<destination bucket> --region=<region> --secretAccessKey=<your secret access key>
  • you can use useIAMRoleCredentials option in order to rely on IAM Profile instance instead any passed by variables and environment

For Options

  • you can pass the needed info via command line parameters:
    s3-folder-upload <folder> <credentials parameters> --useFoldersForFileTypes=false

For CloudFront invalidation

  • you can pass the needed info via command line parameters, the invalidation needs both parameters:
    s3-folder-upload <folder> <credentials parameters> --awsDistributionId=<distributionId> --awsInvalidationPath="/js/*"

Wish list

  • Upload a entire folder to S3 instead file
  • Async upload of files to improve time
  • Detect automatically the content type of (limited support)
  • Return the list of files uploaded with the final URL
  • Better support for parameters with the CLI
  • Improve content type function in order to get more and better types of files
  • Avoid to re-upload files if they didn't change
  • Check if cache is blocking updates of statics on website.
  • Map uploaded paths to create a default invalidation paths rule in CloudFront.
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