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☣️ Highly unstable, work-in-progress, constantly changing, incubating software ahead ☣️



  • ⚠️ Might crash your system (BSOD)!
  • ⚠️ May or may not launch/work/crash!
  • ⚠️ Use at your own risk!
  • ⚠️ May damage/corrupt your existing v3.x (or older) installation!
  • ⚠️ No support provided whatsoever!

About this fork

What this is

Over its lifespan of of nearly a decade DS4Windows has seen many contributors, changes, fixes, feature additions and has grown and kept relevant to gamers who'd love more control over their beloved peripherals. Beginning with the PS4 Controller (DualShock 4) it nowadays also supports its successor the PS5 DualSense and even the Nintendo JoyCons. With age and popularity come new challenges. The code has become more powerful, but also more troublesome to maintain and carries a lot of legacy design patterns and restraints from an outdated .NET universe. Here's where we step in.

CircumSpector is a collective of enthusiasts craving to see DS4Windows continued. We attempt to rewrite major sections of the dated code segments to make maintenance and new feature additions fun again. This will take some time and a lot will probably break - intentionally or unintentionally so sooner or later we need a bigger test squad. For now, the issue tracker and discussions remain collaborators only to avoid bug reports for things we already know so we can focus on the code and nothing else.

What this is NOT

As of time of writing we don't strife to be considered the "new maintainers" and dethrone Ryochan7 who's on a well-deserved hiatus from the project for a yet to be known duration (disclaimer: we don't speak on behalf of Ryochan7, we're merely observers as well). Time will tell if Ryochan7 comes back from a vacation and continues working on DS4Windows with help from the members of CircumSpector.

Where are the download links

There are none. Until this message changes, the rework is in constant motion and there is no value for us to provide binaries at this point. Feel free to clone and build yourself if you're brave 😜

Where can I get help

Join our support server 🐸

3rd party credits

This application benefits from these awesome projects (appearance in no special order):


The battle-tested industry-standard remapping tool for Windows.







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