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FloppyDriveBridges for *UAE

Bridges are what I have chosen to call the name of each 'real' drive added to the emulator. This folder contains the latest implementations for real floppy disk access within *UAE emulators. For these to work, the main emulator must have had the ''disk.cpp'' and ''expansion.cpp'' updated from the original This only needs doing once, and again if it is updated (ie: the no-click support below). You can see these files at

There is also a DLL version of this library for use with the official WinUAE build. Latest version includes several improvements and testing with the help of Dimitris Panokostas aka MiDWaN (Amiberry)


The majority is covered by the GNU GPL3 with the exception of: floppybridge_lib.cpp floppybridge_lib.h floppybridge_abstract.h floppybridge_config.h

Which are separately licenced as UnLicence - see


  • June 2022 (1.3): Fixed Greaseweazle Drive A/B not selectable properly Fixed issue with warning message about diskchange on Greaseweazle always re-appearing Fixed Greaseweazle Shugart support. (Does not support disk change - it will manually check for disks. A PC Drive is strongly recommended) Re-worked the profile listing dialog a little
  • June 2022 (1.2): Added support for track 82 and 83 reading Changed the behaviour to disk check to be no-click for manual detection Updated Greaseweazle driver to also support Shugart interfaces Some cosmetic fixes
  • End of Feb 2022: Greatly increased compatability due to changes in the PLL and Rotation Extractor handling. Check the games that didnt boot before!
  • February 2022: Fixed random crash in Rotation Extractor Further stability improvements for Linux (or rather not-Windows)
  • Janurary 2022: Added support for Supercard Pro (V1.3 firmware required) Changed read mode to use a more accurate PLL (taken from SCP design from SCP.cpp in *UAE) which improves compatability with some games Added support for DrawBridge new PLL read command for better accuracy (Firmware 1.9.23) - HIGHLY recommended Fixed a few bugs in rotation extractore that caused a few crashes In "Normal" mode, if a perfect revolution cannot be guessed it automatically switches to compatiable for that track Fixed 64-Bit support for Greaseweazle under some linux distros
  • October 2021: Support for HD disks, turbo speed and a few other things - Requires new disk.cpp from Fixed 64-bit build with the FTDI driver
  • 19th June 2021: Massivly improve write system. Requires new disk.cpp from Small update for Bridge to support 'no-click' option Fixed some issues with thread scheduling on Linux (Pi)
  • October 2021: Added HD support, 'Turbo' mode, a DLL version, and loads of bug fixes

Supported Devices:

DrawBridge aka Arduino Reader/Writer at

Requires a mod to the original (pre 2021) circuit to give access to the DISKCHANGE pin. Requires firmware V1.8+

Greeseweazle at

Requires firmware 0.27 or newer. Only some boards support the DISKCHANGE pin. The rest will be simulated by spinning up the disk several times.

Supercard Pro at

Requires firmware V1.3


If you have another device you would like to contribute to this or have a suggestion or improvement let me know/make a pull request.



Floppy Bridges - Real-time floppy disk access from within *UAE emulators







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